Nobles Parents' E-Newsletter

April 2014

Nobles Parents' E-Newsletter April 2014

Class IV Dean's Report

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I am happy to welcome students back to classes after what I hope was a relaxing and inspiring spring break. The next two months fly by so quickly. Energy is high. The weather improves (fingers crossed…). Activities begin to move from classroom and back outdoors. Seniors anticipate graduation. Everyone anticipates summer.

And yet, there is still much to do.

Many seniors spend these final months reflecting on their experience at Nobles. They evaluate friendships, activities, their relationships with faculty and the campus. They ponder their impact on the institution. They reflect on what Nobles has meant in their life.

I would urge Class IV students to take the opportunity now to evaluate their experience at Nobles.

•    How have the first seven months gone, academically, athletically and socially?

•    What have you gotten out of the Nobles experience?

•    More importantly, what have you put into the Nobles experience for your peers?

Such reflection can pave the way for a much richer and engaged presence in the Nobles community. I hope that the warmer temperatures and general exuberance will inspire young students to commit to new challenges in the coming years: fresh goals in the
classroom; experimenting with a new extracurricular activity; taking the time to cultivate new and meaningful friendships.

Finally, this quarter is a time to commit to finishing well. Runners all along Commonwealth Avenue remind me of the upcoming Boston Marathon that so captivates the city. Having participated in the event often, I know that the road is long and the finish seems so far off in the distance. And yet, the finish is both attainable and sublimely satisfying, given the proper preparation (and the throngs of support along the way).

In terms of classes, that means setting solid goals for the coming months. Students should meet with teachers to clarify any doubts and raise any concerns as we head into finals. Review can never come too early.

This spring, let’s use the energy as we return from break to reflect on making our experience at Nobles more productive, and on finishing well.

Dave Ulrich
Class IV Dean

10 Campus Drive,
Dedham, Massachusetts
tel: 781.326.3700
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