Nobles Parents' E-Newsletter

April 2014

Nobles Parents' E-Newsletter April 2014

From the Community Service Office

Announcing Next Year's All School Service Day:
"A Common Fire" Returns April 14, 2015

If a school truly values something, it is not hard to tell what that is. Not only will you find it articulated in the mission statement (an important lodestar of guidance) but you will find it in the warp and woof of daily life; woven into academics, athletics, faculty involvement, organizations, staff, graduates, and most importantly, student driven initiatives.

At Nobles, such is the infusion of a core value: service to others. In the last few years, countless discussions and planning meetings have clarified and solidified this experiential value, and it will be central to the new reorganization of our work called EXCEL. Under this aegis, travel, service, senior projects, study away, and applied study in the classroom will coalesce to drive forward our commitment to creating leaders who serve the public good. Our celebrations in the years to come will rededicate and reaffirm all that Nobles has stood for all these centuries.

A signal event will begin these celebrations on April 14, 2015; our entire school community will halt for the day, and focus entirely on a day of service. Just as small candles shed light in a dark room, one act of service, done with intention, can add light and warmth to our Boston community. Nobles will send students, faculty, staff, and accompanying adults (you, perhaps?) out to area agencies and non-profits to work for a day of commitment to our values. We intend to learn a lot, share our resources and energy, and return more aware of the world around us. Just as Nobles did in 2004, see the photos below, we know that the day's connections will last for years to come.

I am asking you to think about whether you could help us to make this day a success. Here is what I need:

1. Ideas for sites. You have many connections out in the community and you could help me set up a project on that day with sites all over Boston. Please share what you know is needed on a site you value.

2. Serve on the steering committee: we need to plan for this event starting a year in advance: we are starting NOW. I found our last event to be a hugely satisfying process mainly because a committed, energetic and wildly competent group of a dozen parents worked closely together to set up sites, public relations, artwork, equipment, transportation, and logistics. We met about once a month, and by April, despite the rainy day that occurred, we were able to provide a meaningful experience for all. Would you want to do this?

3. Offer to helm a site. You may not wish to advise the whole project--but maybe you would volunteer to be the leader for the day at one particular site. This would mean you'd be the point person to connect with an advisor group, drive some of the group members to the project, say hello to the agency point person, set up the work, turn on the music, and get the whole thing going!

I can hardly wait to get moving on this project. I am just waiting for your ideas, expertise, and input. Take a look at the photos that are attached to this message, and imagine how much fun we will be having next April. Call me up or send an email and let me know you would like to be part of it!

Sandi MacQuinn, Community Service Director,



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