Nobles Parents' E-Newsletter

May 2014

Nobles Parents' E-Newsletter May 2014


The More Things Change…by Head of School Bob Henderson

One of my Nobles classmates (class of ’76) recently was cleaning out some files and found a 40-year-old edition of the school magazine, then called the “Noble and Greenough Graduates Bulletin”, published in the early summer of 1974. He sent it to me, thinking our archives might have better use for it than he would. A much simpler publication for a much simpler time in the history of this school, the entire issue is 16 pages long. The cover headline was “Last All Male Class Graduates”; the Class of 1974 consisted of 48 boys. The following fall the school opened with 3 grand new buildings and girls, and the graduating class of 1975 jumped to 70 students. Truly, this publication was heralding the end of one era at the school and the dawn of a new one.  And yet, as I read through the magazine, I was more struck by some striking continuities between that time at Nobles and today than I was by the differences. For instance, the cover picture showed a crew boat approaching one of the bridges on the Charles, an image that could as likely have been captured in the last week. There were many more familiarities, and I share a few below.


This Past Year by Interim Dean of Students Kate Ramsdell

Last night I dreamt that I spent an entire school day asking kids to take off their denim jackets and doling out detentions. Perhaps I should be thankful that this newsletter – along with the imminent arrival of my second born – marks the end of my tenure as the Interim Dean of Students. Whatever you might read into my reverie, and all joking aside, I do want to thank all of the students and families with whom I’ve had the chance to work in this role over the course of the last year – even if it meant getting to know a student or two through an initial encounter over something as seemingly trivial as a denim jacket.


Finishing Well by Head of Upper School Ben Snyder

In the most recent issue of The Nobleman, Jonathan Bloch ’14 wrote a very thoughtful piece about the importance of finishing well – of leaving Nobles feeling proud of the effort he had expended, grateful for the new experiences he had, and appreciative of the relationships he had built with peers and adults. While his message may have been intended to remind his classmates to take stock of all that has happened during their time together, I think there are important lessons here for all students (and good reminders for adults).


Thinking About Self-Perception by Jen Hamilton, Licensed Educational Psychologist

I recently read a fascinating article by psychologist Timothy D. Wilson entitled "We Are What We Do." The premise of the article is based on the assertion of social psychologist Daryl Bem that how we view ourselves is based not on innate traits that cause us to act in certain ways, but rather that our actions shape our self-perceptions. For example, we might hear our kids (or ourselves) say "if I am forced to do something nice for someone, it is not a genuine sentiment so it is less meaningful." In reality, the act of doing something nice for someone actually changes how we view ourselves. 

From the PA Co-Chairs

Another school year is almost over! But before we get to June, we have a busy May with many opportunities for you to enjoy the Nobles 

Class Notes

Find out what's going on and how to become involved with your student's class. Click to access your class:

Class Deans' Corner

Class I Dean's Report


Do What Feels Good

"Do what feels good." Didn't your parents warn you against this notion? My Scandinavian grandmother would shudder at the thought of following one's most immediate and self- gratifying instincts as a way of life, without thought, purpose, or planning.


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Nobles Theatre Collective

If you are going to watch one spring musical during your entire tenure as a Nobles 
parent, 2014’s incarnation could be the one to see. 
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The Studies Show: Gamification of Education

In their most recent podcast, Nobles learning specialists Gia Batty and Sara Masucci explore how the gaming principle of "hard fun" can lead to engagement and learning in the classroom. 

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Nobles Summer Programs Start Soon.

Nobles Day Camp

The Noble and Greenough campus is a very busy place during the summer. Nobles Day Camp opens its doors on June 23. This summer, we are also offering specialty programs that are geared towards older campers with a concentration in a specific area such as basketball, theatre, soccer and service.

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Thanks from the Putnam Library!

The Putnam Library would like to give a huge thank you to our wonderful library volunteers for the 2013-2014 school year. These parents have contributed over 425 hours of work to the library this year! Thanks so much to Felleke Habtemariam, Nicole Zungoli, Hong Sun, Maria DeLuca, Aura Urena, Helen Goins, Kat Bliss, Bronnie Nelson, Camellia Bloch, and Lauren Kinghorn!

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Save the Date! Grandparents' Day and Nobles Night.

Please save these dates on your calendar. 

Grandparents Day
Monday, September 29, 2014

Nobles Night
Thursday, November 13, 2014

For further information, contact Katherine Minevitz, Special Events Coordinator, at 781-320-7009 or

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