Nobles Parents' E-Newsletter

May 2014

Nobles Parents' E-Newsletter May 2014

Do What Feels Good

"Do what feels good." Didn't your parents warn you against this notion? My Scandinavian grandmother would shudder at the thought of following one's most immediate and self- gratifying instincts as a way of life, without thought, purpose, or planning.

A new article in The Atlantic, however, is not talking about hedonism. Ben Snyder sent this one along. (I always read what Ben sends me because I find the articles make me think.) This one did, too.

I guess I should not have been surprised at the science underpinning the idea that we should give our lives to meaningful service, but somehow I had never read proof before that it literally makes us all feel good (in demonstrable, quantifiable ways) to devote ourselves to the needs of the world.

I am sending you the link as well. Take a moment to peruse it. As we set up our summer of relaxing family time, I urge you to also help your children's inner as well as physical health by finding ways to do meaningful service as a family. Come September, you will have a wealth of great memories, (and wonderfully sane and happy chemistry) to show for your efforts!

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