Nobles Parents' E-Newsletter

February 2015

Nobles Parents' Newsletter February 2015


Fear Itself by Provost Bill Bussey

 I don’t know about you, but if my mother and father had insisted on following me Halloween night, the granddaddy evening of childhood experiences, I would’ve dug a foxhole in my backyard and egged my own house. As far as I can recall, sometime in the late 1960s or so, horror stories spread of poisoned Halloween candy and razors buried in apples. Those stories have proven to be urban legends. Yet, the 1982 Tylenol poisonings were the real deal, and as a result, both store bought items and childhoods came with new protections. Soon, the days of a twelve year-old boy grabbing his baseball glove and meeting a group of kids at a playground early Saturday morning and maybe coming home briefly for a baloney sandwich before heading back out until dinner, were pretty much over. And when most kids trick or treat now, their parents watch from the sidewalk, stationary silhouettes in the dark, making sure “thank you” follows the sound of candy hitting the bag. In the world of kids, the trick or treating experience now has been watered down to resemble a Saturday matinee at the movies with your parents sitting behind you.


Challenges and Opportunities by Middle School Dean Colette Finley

In the sixth grade, I was in a battle with my parents. Sound familiar? I convinced them that I could complete all my homework, partake in all my schools’ activities and continue doing all my engagements outside of school that I had previously been doing. And I did just that.  I proved my parents wrong.


Summer Plans by Director of College Counseling Kate Ramsdell

During the first faculty meeting of the new year Kim Libby, my sage English department colleague, offered an engaging presentation on classroom technology. Invoking inspiration from Janus, the Roman god of “beginnings and transitions," Kim encouraged us to see the transition into a new calendar year as an opportunity in our classrooms. In the college office, January marks another transition that I relish more with each passing year. It’s the time when we move from fall’s focus on Class I and begin our meetings with members of Class II. I find the month invigorating for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that I get to know a whole new group of Nobles students really well, which is at the crux of why I love what I do. Often, our first few meetings bring us to a discussion of summer plans.

From the PA Co-Chairs

Thank you to those of you who helped kick off 2015 with great energy and enthusiasm!


Class Notes

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Class Deans' Corner

Class II Dean's Report


From the Community Service Office: Common Fire AND Business As Usual

Parents, Faculty, and Service Staff are indeed planning a huge day of service for April called "Common Fire." But lest anyone think "well that ought to be enough to worry about" I just wanted to give recognition to the whole culture of service that has so permeated our school that the daily work of helping, giving, caring, and learning is continuing in spite of the added workload.


Nobles Theatre Collective

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