Nobles Parents' E-Newsletter

February 2015

Nobles Parents' Newsletter February 2015

Class II Dean's Report

Happy 2015! The second semester is off to a good start as the students have settled in nicely after a well deserved winter break. With this semester comes the advent of the formal initiation of the college process, an obviously integral part of each student's Nobles’ experience. All juniors have been assigned a college advisor with whom they will work over the course of the next year and with whom they will build an amazing relationship.

Our hope is that everyone will understand that your sons and daughters will have the opportunity to attend an incredible university/college once they graduate from Nobles, and by incredible, we mean a school that is right for your son or daughter. As students navigate their way through the college process, we hope that everyone will listen closely to our experts in the college process. No one knows more about this than they do, and we’re very lucky to have such talented people working on behalf of our students.

Over the years, we’ve seen too many students tie too much of their self worth into where they will apply and subsequently be admitted to college. When decisions don’t go as dreamed, these students can sometimes have a tough time moving on to secondary choices primarily because they feel that they've let their parents down. We hope that you have conveyed to your sons and daughters that you will be happy and proud of them wherever they may continue their education.

The junior year is arguably the most stressful of all the high school years as the college process becomes very real in each student’s life. As a result, students tend to be more diligent in the classroom as they feel that this has to be their most accomplished year, both in and outside the classroom. Our juniors have already placed a lot of pressure on themselves; your reassurance will help to ensure that your children will keep things in perspective so that they are able to maximize the Class II experience. We are looking forward to a new initiative that will bring seniors and juniors together during the late winter and spring. During class meetings, for example, we will give juniors a chance to hear from seniors as they reflect on this period of time and offer advice on helpful ways to approach it. 

We hope that the winter is going well for you. As always, if there is anything that we can do for any of you, please do not hesitate to contact us.

All the best,

Brian Day and Julia Russell
Class II Deans

10 Campus Drive,
Dedham, Massachusetts
tel: 781.326.3700
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