Nobles Parents' E-Newsletter

February 2015

Nobles Parents' Newsletter February 2015

From the Community Service Office: Common Fire AND Business As Usual

Linda Hurley and I were composing our weekly list of service initiatives last Friday: and noted a week of "just the usual way we live here at Nobles": (I will quote it in full, simply to illustrate my point.)

Afternoon Program:
Cook's Afterschool In Needham Housing Authority
The Ohrenberger School Tutoring Program
Community Servings
Riverdale Art Enrichment Program
Newbridge Senior Center

Clubs and Organizations Initiatives:
Payment to Dandelion School from China Trip Food Sale
Middle School Valentines for Dedham Housing Authority for Seniors

Common Fire Initiatives:
Common Fire Toiletry Drive Final Collection Day and Sorting
Furniture and Homegoods Collection at the MAC
Children's Book Collection and Refurbishing for Reach Out and Read

Athletic Initiatives:
Wrestling Pin-a-thon
Sled Hockey: Disabled Player Team Sport

In the Planning Stages:
Campus Against Cancer Annual Rose Sale
Charity Rice Sale by Asian Culture Club
Graduate Council Visit to Rosie's Place
New Orleans Trip Fundraiser

Parents, Faculty, and Service Staff are indeed planning a huge day of service for April called "Common Fire." But lest anyone think "well, that ought to be enough to worry about" I just wanted to give recognition to the whole culture of service that has so permeated our school that the daily work of helping, giving, caring, and learning is continuing in spite of the added workload.

Students simply assume that if they are doing an event of any sort and service could be a part of it, they would expect to help it to happen. Every day, faculty coaches climb on vans with your children for the Afternoon Program. Parents stay abreast of the needs of those we serve and find that extra coat or hat, shampoo or box of kleenex and support their child's effort to get it to Nobles. Faculty who work with a group do all the background work to make a Rose Sale or a Valentine Making Day successful for their students. Trip leaders set up all the collections, details, and connections to charities that make a trip to other shores both enlightening and life changing.

Coaches add initiatives like a Pin-A-Thon to their already grueling schedule in order to teach athletes great values about using their sport for leadership. Graduates meet to work together at Rosie's Place as a way to reconnect to each other and to the tenets of service they learned when they were students at Nobles, and trustees work to support all this in busy lives already committed to the public good. Take a good look at the list above of what Nobles is accomplishing in just an average week. I know it will make you recognize one aspect of this school that you really love; the spirit of service to others.

-Sandi MacQuinn, Director of Community Service

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