Nobles Parents' E-Newsletter

March 2015

Nobles Parents' E-Newsletter March 2015


Snow and Other Natural Phenomena by Head of School Bob Henderson

Over twenty-three years ago I moved to Maui to serve as the upper school head at Seabury Hall, at that time the only independent school on the island. Feeling very fortunate, my wife, Ross, and I packed up all our belongings and shipped them from where we lived in California to one of the most beautiful spots in the world. About a month after the start of school I started to notice on the weather reports (which otherwise said pretty much the same thing every day – 80 degrees, mostly sunny with a possible brief shower or two) that a large tropical storm was powering up in the Eastern Pacific and starting to trek across the ocean in our direction. 


Flipping the Page by Dean of Students Marcela Maldonado

It is fair to say that much of what has consumed this community and the greater New England region for the last month or so has undoubtedly been the surreal nature of the winter weather this year. It has discombobulated this state, and certainly thrown many in our school community for a loop. Members of the faculty have experienced the weather’s wrath acutely in issues faced at home. A number of our students have also felt the unexpected trials and tribulations of this season, as they watch their parents and family deal with things that they simply cannot control.


Winter Musings about “Best Laid Schemes…” by Head of Upper School Michael Denning

I am a planner. For the students in Classes I and II who are in my AP European History course, I begin every term by offering a syllabus that outlines the reading assignments and assessments for the entire quarter. In light of the discipline required to meet the significant demands of this college-level course, this practice is essential. Moreover, I believe that juniors and seniors must learn to do their own careful planning and budgeting of time, and having a term’s worth of assignments in front of them from the outset helps to facilitate the meeting of this pedagogical goal.


Just Breathe: What Mindfulness Can Do For You by Jen Hamilton, Licensed Educational Psychologist

There has been a lot of talk recently, both in the media and at Nobles, about mindfulness.  We all have a sense that mindfulness must be really good for you (otherwise, why all the hype?) but it is not always clear what mindfulness is, or why it might be beneficial to your well-being. Simply put, mindfulness is both a deliberate act AND a way of being. When you deliberately practice mindfulness, you are setting aside a few quiet moments to focus solely on your breath.

From the PA Co-Chairs

“No winter lasts forever.  No spring skips its turn.” - Hal Borland

Words to live by! Spring is upon us, but before we put winter in our rear view mirror we’d like to recognize those that helped to organize the many events that kept us going through February! 


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