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April 2015

Nobles Parents' Newsletter April 2015


7 Essential Skills, by Assistant Head of School and Head of Middle School John Gifford

Parents and guardians who have slogged their way through previous newsletter pieces of mine know that academic skill development is a favorite topic.  I wonder if it is because there is so much variance in development during the early teen years that middle schoolers are so desperate to not seem different. In any case, because puberty can strike at any point within a large band of years, students are undergoing vast physical, emotional and intellectual change. Brain researchers continue to realize all of the ways in which sexual maturity also impact brain functioning and this comes as no surprise to middle school teachers.


Full Circle by Dean of Faculty Maura Sullivan

When asked how long I have been working at Nobles, it isn’t unusual for me to get a look of surprise when I reveal that I have been here for 26 years. The looks continue when people find out that I started my career at Nobles as a teaching fellow. I remember walking through the front doors of the schoolhouse in the fall of that first school year, all of 22 years old, wondering what I had gotten myself into, but excited to get started. While most of that year is a blur to me, I do recall ultimately realizing two things: that I was getting great experience and that teaching was what I wanted to continue to do with my life.


The Prom: Basic Facts & Other Musings by Provost Bill Bussey

Ahhhhhh. It’s that time of year again.

If your child is attending the prom, I would urge you to read, then re-read Mr. Henderson’s recent letter regarding this event. Spend 20 minutes going over some of its key messages with your child. This is a terrific evening and we’d like your help to keep it that way.


A Response to Frank Bruni by Director of College Counseling Kate Ramsdell

On March 13, just before many colleges released regular decision news, The New York Times ran an Op-Ed piece by Frank Bruni entitled, “How to Survive the College Admission Madness.” It made quick rounds in the college counseling world. Colleagues and parents forwarded the link to me, commenting: “This is so refreshing!” or “Nothing new, but the kind of piece you wish parents might take a minute to read.” Truthfully, columns on the college process written by high-profile journalists, who also happen to have published recently a book on the topic of college admission, can send shivers of cynicism up my spine. Yet, Bruni’s insight, while not entirely new, is worth a read.

From the PA Co-Chairs

Welcome back! April has arrived, and with it the promise of spring’s blooms (soon, we hope) and the start of one of the most (if not the most) exciting and busy seasons of the entire school year.


Class Notes

Find out what's going on and how to become involved with your student's class. Click to access your class:

Class Deans' Corner

Class IV Deans' Report


Common Fire Day: Celebrating the Importance of Community

Recently I read an insightful blog by John Chubb, the NAIS president, called "Power of Community."

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