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April 2015

Nobles Parents' Newsletter April 2015

Class IV Deans' Report

I have been a bit too exuberant in my laud of snow in the past newsletter.

We have experienced one of the most intense winters on record. The first hint of a snow day brought cheer far and wide. Quickly, though, the novelty wore off, and the snow piled up. Days off became a serious obstacle to rebounding successfully from Winter Break and to getting into the rhythm during the third quarter. I know that all were affected–parents and guardians concerned about driving, students confused about studying, teachers considering curricula.

As spring nudges it way back into New England, the days have become longer. There is a new energy, which I hope we can harness in the coming months. For those of you new to spring at Nobles, it flies by. We are already in the midst of the spring athletic and extracurricular season. Common Fire is only days away. Soon, the musical will be up. The focus then tightens on the senior class, as a series of events celebrates their impact on our institution.

From the freshman lens, this can be a confusing time. Class IV students will peer out of the windows of their classrooms and see upper-classmen enjoying the warm weather. Seniors will seem a foreign species, as they experience the ups and downs of finishing their careers at Nobles while preparing themselves for the excitement and uncertainty the year ahead.

Yet it is not that time for Class IV. The freshman will enjoy that flood of emotion in a few years. At this point, we need to be focus on completing the curricula while managing their extracurricular activities. This is a great time to begin assembling academic materials from the year, in order to identify gaps in comprehension before we approach review sessions and final exams.

As a final note, we will also be holding elections for Class III representatives to the SLC (Student Life Council). I encourage students to look around and assess the state of their class. They should take a moment to reflect. Who are they as a class? What challenges might they confront? What can they do to continue to effect positive change? These are issues that should influence their decision to vote––or better yet, run.

We will soon find ourselves spending more of our time down near the MAC, either for games, graduation or exams. I hope we that we, as a Class, can take stock of the current situation now, so we can approach the coming months with confidence.


Dave Ulrich

10 Campus Drive,
Dedham, Massachusetts
tel: 781.326.3700
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