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November 2015

Nobles Parents' Newsletter November 2015


The October Transition in 2015 by Head of School Bob Henderson

You can feel the change in the tone and mood of the school as we turn the corner from September into October. In the rhythms of this place, Grandparents Day marks the “end of the beginning” of the year, the final syncopation among the irregularities and interruptions in the calendar over the first several weeks. Thereafter we usually settle in, with more full five-day weeks and a more predictable cycle of expectations and commitments for students and faculty alike. There are other realities by October as well, as grades begin to appear, academic pressures escalate, and all the other pressures of adolescent life, from athletics to performances to social relationships, are evinced as well. As November begins the days are shorter, the weather becomes more biting, and the patterns of school life are familiar, regular and anticipated. Except for this year.


Stone Soup: Some Food for Thought by Head of Upper School Michael Denning

My all-time favorite children’s story is Stone Soup. I first heard its powerful message when my second-grade teacher, the venerable and seemingly immortal Ms. Pierce, read the story to our class. We were embarking on the “Butter-making Project”, and I suspect Ms. Pierce was trying to find a way to engage our rambunctious group in a conversation about the value of collaboration and cooperation.


The Long Weekend by Dean of Students Marcela Maldonado

By any measure, these have been very difficult yet remarkable days around here. Nothing can prepare you for the death of a student, and Casey Dunne’s sudden and tragic passing galvanized this community as we faced unchartered waters together. As was true in the wake of September 11, 2001 and after the loss of adult members of this community, students look around them for direction for how to process powerful events in their lives. In light of Casey’s death, the adults in this community had to work quickly, effectively, and certainly delicately to marshal the school through its most difficult moment. Simply put, kids take their cues from us, and meeting their needs is our primary role and purpose. While we were not without the help of outside professionals, nonetheless faculty and staff had to come together in common purpose, as we shouldered the responsibility of assuaging the confusion and vulnerability felt by so many.


EXCEL: Building a Culture of Service by Director of the Anderson/Cabot Center for EXCEL Ben Snyder

“I don’t understand,” said the Nobles senior.
“What don’t you understand?” I replied.
“Here we are in India,” she said, “in the midst of seemingly endless poverty, and the students at the local private school (that was simply housing us) don’t seem to be involved in any kind of service activity. That attitude just wouldn’t be acceptable at Nobles - the culture of service just wouldn’t allow it.”

Certainly those comments by a member of the Class of 2014 made me feel good about the values we hope to instill at Nobles - but it also got me thinking about how that culture is developed and how those values are instilled.


What Do You Wish You Knew About Nobles Before You Got Here? by Dean of Enrollment Management Jennifer Hines

Last spring, the admission office reached out to both students and parents that had joined Nobles in the previous September and asked them to share with us the things they wish they had known about being a part of the Nobles community before they arrived. Our goal was to try to better address the details raised as we communicated with families that had been newly admitted to Nobles. Upon further reflection, I realized that there might be some value in sharing these thoughts more broadly both for families that are new to Nobles this year and for those of you that might be in conversation with families that are currently considering Nobles as an option. All of these comments were shared multiple times by multiple member of the Nobles community.

From the PA Co-Chairs

The Nobles community is a remarkable one; in the last few weeks, teachers, students and parents alike have demonstrated an unprecedented outpouring of support and unity. Speaking on behalf of all parents, we would like to thank every member of the Nobles community who participated in, donated to, or attended one of the many collective gatherings that have taken place in the recent past.


Class Notes

Find out what's going on and how to become involved with your student's class. Click to access your class:

Class Deans' Corner

Class III Deans Report

It has been a whirlwind of a first quarter to say the least! We have enjoyed getting to know this class and are excited to see them grow and come together as the year progresses. 


Honoring Casey Dunne '17 with a Gift to Achieve

Casey Dunne tutors an Achieve student
Casey, the epitome of compassion and dedication, made Achieve a priority in her life. 
In remembrance of her joyous spirit, the partnership with Nobles student tutors has been named The Casey Dunne Achieve Tutoring Program. FInd out more about honoring her through Achieve.

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Performing Arts Events: Save the Date

Hope everyone was able to make it to OCD Love Story, the fall mainstage, last week. There's much more in store for Nobles onstage this fall to enthrall the eyes and ears, so mark your calendars!

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Save the Date: Nobles Night

A festive evening to celebrate Nobles will be held Thursday, November 12, at 6:30 p.m.

Please note: This is not a student event.

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