Nobles Parents' E-Newsletter

November 2015

Nobles Parents' Newsletter November 2015

What Do You Wish You Knew About Nobles Before You Got Here? by Dean of Enrollment Management Jennifer Hines

Last spring, the admission office reached out to both students and parents that had joined Nobles in the previous September and asked them to share with us the things they wish they had known about being a part of the Nobles community before they arrived. Our goal was to try to better address the details raised as we communicated with families that had been newly admitted to Nobles. Upon further reflection, I realized that there might be some value in sharing these thoughts more broadly both for families that are new to Nobles this year and for those of you that might be in conversation with families that are currently considering Nobles as an option. All of these comments were shared multiple times by multiple members of the Nobles community.

First, Nobles embraces all types of students.
It will hopefully come as no surprise to all of you that Nobles has many successful programs both academically and within our extra-curricular offerings. As a result, our successes can at times be viewed as prerequisites for admission. The truth is that the depth and breadth of our programs ensure that there is something for every student no matter what their passions happen to be. No matter the activity or academic discipline, Nobles will empower students to push themselves outside of their comfort zone, nurture their curiosity and build their self-confidence.

Second, the faculty at Nobles is available and wants to help students learn.
Everyone arrives at Nobles with their own previous school experience.  You may have been in a situation where teachers had many students in each class which may have prevented them from making a more personal connection with students or parents. At some schools, it just may not be a part of the culture of the school to approach teachers.  At Nobles, teachers want to connect with the students in their classes. If a student faces bumps in the road, teachers want to be approached by their students to help smooth the way.  As a parent, encourage your child to reach out to teachers, in both good times and bad.

Finally, don’t be afraid to get involved right from the start.
As you transition into a new community both as parents and students, it can be intimidating to think about how to involve yourself in the life of the school. That said, participating can be the best way to get to know others. As a parent, get involved with the Nobles Parent Association which can be an entry into all of the different ways that parents are involved with school life.  Encourage your child to participate in clubs and organizations as a way to connect with others who have similar passions.  Involvement is the best way to find connection.

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