Nobles Parents' E-Newsletter

January 2016

Nobles Parents' Newsletter January 2016

Class I Deans' Report

Greetings and Happy New Year!

It’s hard to believe that one semester is already gone, and the seniors are now heading down the homestretch of their time at Nobles. We hope that as graduation nears, seniors will find time to reflect upon and appreciate their experience at Nobles. In the hope that Class I takes full advantage of this last semester, we wanted to tell you about some of the annual advice and unique opportunities that we will share with the seniors at our class meeting:

1. Seize the opportunity to set a positive tone for the school. As always, underclassmen will be looking to the senior class for leadership, whether it be in the classroom, on the stage, on the athletic fields, or outside of Nobles. We challenge seniors to avoid “checking out” too early, as the rest of the student body needs the seniors to continue to play an important role in the culture of the school.

2. Continue to embrace the unique academic opportunities at Nobles. Seniors will be enrolled in many fantastic electives this spring, exposing them to subjects and disciplines not offered at many schools. “Value learning for learning’s sake” is admittedly a cliche, but we hope that students will not lose sight of the fact that they have access to so many engaging academic courses that may lead them to discover new passions and interests.

3. Consider a senior project. Every spring, seniors are given the opportunity to engage in a self-designed senior project for the last quarter of the spring term. We introduced the Senior Project Program to the class at the fall retreat, and they all have participated in a November workshop to learn the nuts and bolts of the process. As a reminder for your student, preliminary proposals are due on Wednesday, January 6th. Hopefully your senior has talked to you about potential ideas. Though these are not mandatory, we hope that many seniors take advantage of this as way to pursue a passion or learn something new. Here is a link to a website that will provide you with more information about the senior project process. Should you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact us or Dominic Manzo.

4. Take time to have a conversation with as many classmates as possible. While Nobles is a relatively small community, many seniors have acknowledged that they have not yet had the chance to learn more about their classmates, who each have so much to offer the school. Whether it be lunch at the castle or a conversation in Gleason, we encourage seniors to continue to expand their social circle and develop new and meaningful friendships.

5. Maintain close relationships with faculty members. At Nobles, we pride ourselves on our relational pedagogy, and we know that our seniors have developed many meaningful relationships with their teachers, coaches, advisers, and other members of the Nobles community. It is only natural that some seniors may have a tendency to begin to distance themselves from faculty members in preparation for their departure from Nobles; instead, we hope that seniors will continue to nurture these relationships that may last long after graduation.

6. Have fun! Nobles is a challenging and rigorous experience for every one of our students, who have had packed schedules for years, full of academic and extracurricular commitments. Although we recognize that these commitments will not and should not disappear, we encourage seniors to make sure that they spend time with their family, friends, and other people who have had a profound impact on their lives. As seniors prepare to take the next step and move beyond Nobles, we hope that they will not forget to enjoy and appreciate the many great opportunities that senior spring will provide.

We’re so proud of the seniors, who have modeled leadership and integrity throughout the entire first semester, and we’re looking forward to a fantastic final few months with them!

Meg and Mike

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