Nobles Parents' E-Newsletter

September 2016

Nobles Parents' Newsletter September 2016

Class I Dean's Report

Welcome back! We hope you and your family had a fantastic summer. We’re excited about the beginning of the new school year and are especially looking forward to working with the wonderful class of 2017. This class is special in so many ways, and we’re honored to serve as the Class I deans.

Both of us had enjoyable and fulfilling summers. After spending time in Montréal with a group of Nobles musicians, Kim joined the Upward Bound faculty as a writing instructor and capped off the summer with a conference on integrating mindfulness in the classroom.

In addition to visiting his family back in Iowa, Mike participated in a variety of professional development workshops, including a conference in New Orleans about evolving educational technologies and innovative teaching practices.

We came back from our summers rejuvenated and ready to support all of our Class I students. The class will play an integral role in setting a positive tone both inside and outside of the classroom, and we’ll work closely with the students as they navigate their many responsibilities.
On September 6th, we will help students kick-off their senior year at the annual retreat held at Camp Bournedale.  Every year the goal of the retreat is to give students time to reconnect with their classmates after the summer, enjoy time with each other, and help them think about their goals for the upcoming school year.  Students will engage in a program focused around the theme of “Telling Our Stories.”  By sharing their stories, we believe that students learn more about one another and, as a result, build stronger relationships and become even better leaders.  The college office will give a presentation of the “Nuts and Bolts of the College Application Process.” While students will likely be tired by the end of the long day, we are confident that students will be prepared and committed to the expectations that we set forth over the summer.

The beginning of every school year is a time of excitement, change, and inevitably some anxiety.  In just a few short days, students will have a fresh schedule, a line up of different teachers with high expectations, a new assembly seat, and challenging leadership roles to assume. We recognize that the first semester can be a stressful time, and we want to reiterate to you that we’ll support your student to the best of our abilities. As one way to support the class, we’ve planned a few evenings as part of our Transitions program that will help equip students with information about making the most of their passage from Nobles to their respective college or university. You’ll hear more about these evenings over the next couple of months. If you ever have any questions or concerns about your son or daughter, please contact us, the college counseling office, or the student life team, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

We would like to express our immense gratitude to the Class I Parent Representatives: Sherri Athanasia, Rikki Conley, and Sarah Keating, who have already provided a great deal of support in our efforts to make the 2016-17 school year a successful one. They will be in touch with you soon about upcoming events.
Finally, we hope to see you at Back to School Night on Thursday, September 22 at 6:00 p.m. Thank you in advance for entrusting us with your son or daughter. It will be a genuine pleasure to work with such a kind, considerate, and talented group of young men and women!


Mike Kalin and Kim Libby


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