Nobles Parents' E-Newsletter

February 2011

Nobles Parents' E-Newsletter February 2011

Class I Co-Dean's Report by Meghan Cleary Hamilton and Nahyon Lee


Class I CoDeans

Dear Class I Parents:

Happy (belated) New Year! Vacation seems like a distant memory as second semester classes and Afternoon Programs are well underway here on campus. From our perspective, the senior class seems to be in good spirits. With first semester grades closed and most college applications submitted, the stress level in Gleason Hall has waned. We thought it would be a good idea to use this newsletter submission as an opportunity to highlight a few upcoming events for Class I students and parents during the final semester at Nobles. 

As you know, Class I students have a wonderful opportunity in the fourth quarter to dive into an area of interest that falls outside the realm of the traditional Nobles curriculum. This year, about 80 students have applied for Senior Projects. During the month of February, the Senior Projects Committee (made up of six faculty members) will be evaluating the students’ preliminary proposals; students will hear by the end of February if their proposals have passed. If their preliminary proposals have been accepted by the Committee, students need to do the following: 1) submit the final proposal form (found online) with the necessary adjustments and signatures – this will be their official proposal 2) submit a supervisor form (found online) if they are doing an internship off campus 3) inform the teachers of the classes they’ll drop before March break (we also suggest thanking those teachers at that time) and 4) enjoy their project. 

The Senior Projects can be a wonderful part of the Nobles experience. However, not all students choose to take part in it, and by no means do we wish to underrate those decisions. We are pleased that there are so many students who wish to take full advantage of their classroom experience and the Nobles faculty. Whether your student has decided to do a Senior Project or not, we hope that you will all take part of Senior Projects Night on Tuesday, May 31

In addition, on Tuesday, April 26, at 7 p.m., we will host a Class I Parent/Guardian Evening on "Transitions." Our guest will be Dr. Richard Kadison, Chief of Mental Health Services at Harvard University Health Services. He will speak to parents and guardians on the transition students and their families will be making over the next six months as they move on from Nobles and into their new communities. He will focus on helping students and parents prepare for the transition to college, discuss key things to do to help "stay healthy on campus" and provide warning signs and data about the common problems that students face. He is the author of the book College of the Overwhelmed, if you are interested in reading the book before his visit. While we certainly have relevant topics in mind, if there is anything specific you would like to be covered during this event, please contact Meghan Hamilton ( with your ideas. We welcome your input. 

With all this snow, cold weather, and little sunlight, students are bound to be grumpy at times. However, we hope that Class I students will take advantage of everything around them and not let the winter blues get in the way of enjoying their last semester at Nobles. Whether it is stepping up in Assembly and singing for their first time, telling a funny story with a memorable lesson to the underclassmen, leading their clubs in new and fun activities, or building relationships with classmates in a different circle of friends, we encourage your son/daughter not to wait until the final weeks to take those steps. May and graduation will be here before they know it, so we want to help them live their final semester to the fullest and leave behind a class legacy and an individual legacy of which they can be proud. 

If you have any questions about events or activities in the upcoming months, please do not hesitate to contact us. 2011 will be a memorable year for you and your kids.

Meghan Cleary Hamilton and Nahyon Lee

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