Nobles Parents' E-Newsletter

February 2011

Nobles Parents' E-Newsletter February 2011

Class III Dean's Report by Tara Cocozza


Tara Cocozza
Tara Cocozza

As I sit here writing this e-newsletter submission, we are facing yet another snowstorm and the possibility of a surprise long weekend due to a snow day! We haven’t had a winter like this one in a few years, but despite the messy commutes, huge snow banks, and cold days, everyone seems to be in a surprisingly cheery mood for January. Why? There is something about the potential for a snow day that raises everyone’s spirits. The thought of having a surprise day off to do whatever one pleases is a mini-luxury. In the halls and in my classes, I’ve never seen the students as interested in the weather as they have been since we returned from break; it’s as if they all discovered a new interest in meteorology, staying as up-to-date as possible on storm tracks and snow potential and reporting gleefully when something is afoot.

Where am I headed with this, you may ask? This period of time between January and March vacation can be a long stretch for students. They will find that their courses cover a significant amount of material in these next few months, and undoubtedly, the concentrated nature and intensity of this time period will have an effect on them. It’s the little things that make a big difference, and looking forward to special events, such as that potential snow day, makes this stretch far more tolerable. In addition to the many athletic contests, musical performances and plays that occur between now and March, Nobles also tries to sponsor a few other events, such as the MLK Day of Service (Jan. 17) and the MSA Dance (Jan. 29), to bring the community together. Class III, in particular, has a special event approaching on Saturday, March 5. As is the tradition for Class III each year, Bob Henderson will host the Class III Head of School Dinner and Dance in the Castle on March 5, from 6:30-10:30 p.m.

The Head of School Dinner and Dance is a mandatory event for all Class III students, as it marks the midway point of their Upper School career at Nobles. Since this is a special occasion, there is a dress code for the evening: boys should attend in a jacket, tie and nice pants, and girls should attend in a dress or in a skirt and nice top. For boarding students, the dorm will be open that evening and boarders are invited to stay if they want to do so. Invitations will be sent to the students via email on Feb. 1, and all students need to respond by Feb. 18. Please encourage your child to respond before the deadline. I would like to thank all of the parents who are working very hard to make this event memorable, and if you are not involved but would like to be, please contact Valerie Thayer or Kris Ganong.

On a separate and unrelated note, now is the time for Class III students to decide if they would like to study away from Nobles next year. As I hope your children have shared with you, Class III students have had many visitors during their class meetings and have learned about a wide variety of opportunities to study away from Nobles during their junior year. Such opportunities include, but are not limited to: SYA (Student Year Abroad); the Mountain School in Vermont; the Island School in the Bahamas; High Mountain Institute in Colorado; the School for Ethics and Global Leadership in Washington, D.C.; Chewonki in Maine; and CITYTerm in New York City. If your child is interested in studying away from Nobles next year, he/she should communicate that interest to me and to his/her advisor within the next month.

Stay warm and safe during these winter months. I, like the students, am off to check the weather updates and to watch the school cancellations on TV, with the secret hope of seeing Noble and Greenough flash across the screen.

Tara Cocozza

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