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November 2016

Nobles Parents' Newsletter November 2016

From the Green Team

Did You Know? Turn the Key to be Idle-free

With so many families driving to and from Nobles every day, and with the promise of colder temperatures arriving, November is a good time to point out the importance of limiting and eliminating idling whenever possible. Our campus is committed to fostering an idle-free environment, and we hope our community of families will consider limiting and eliminating idling in your travels beyond Nobles.

Key Reasons for Limiting and Eliminating Idling:

Cleaner Air:
Idling tailpipes emit the same pollutants as moving cars. Limiting idling will help decrease levels of hazardous pollutants found in our air. These pollutants are linked to serious human illnesses, and when we idle on our campus, these pollutants are released into the air our students breathe.

Help the Environment:
“For every 10 minutes your engine is off, you’ll prevent one pound of carbon dioxide from being released (carbon dioxide is the primary contributor to global warming). An EDF report shows that in New York City alone, idling cars and trucks produce 130,000 tons of carbon dioxide each year. To offset this amount of global warming pollution, we would need to plant an area the size of Manhattan with trees every single year.”*

Protect Your Car and Save Money:
Idling can increase wear on a car’s engine and can cost between $70-$650 a year in extra fuel costs.*

How You Can Help:

Refrain from and limit idling whenever possible:
Idling for 10 seconds wastes more gas than restarting your car. If you know you will be waiting at a pickup line, turn off the car and restart to move forward when possible (in cold weather consider turning the car on and off as is needed to stay comfortable). Waiting in a building rather than idling in a car is a good option when possible.

For more information click here.

Warming up your vehicles:
Warm up your car by driving it. A vehicle's engine will warm up twice as fast when driven rather than sitting stationary. As opposed to cars of the past, today’s cars do not need to be warmed up to be driven. Warm up the inside of your car by driving, the air will be cleaner compared to breathing in the air from your exhaust and that of others.

*EDF - Environmental Defense Fund

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