Nobles Parents' E-Newsletter

November 2016

Nobles Parents' Newsletter November 2016

Class III Dean's Report

Hello Class III Parents!

It has been a whirlwind of a first quarter to say the least. It is always a difficult transition to go from the freedoms offered by the summer months to the rigor of the school year. However, we have incredibly hard-working and engaged students who made this transition effortlessly. As deans, we continue to be in awe of the efforts of our Class III students and we are excited to see them grow and come together as the year progresses. 

We hope the students all enjoyed learning about the history of Nobles on Founders Day as part of our year-long sesquicentennial celebration. It gave us all a chance to reflect and see how far the school has come since its inception. We have enjoyed getting to know this class and are excited to see them grow and come together as the year progresses. 

As part of Nobles' initiative to create a more open and inclusive community , the Diversity & Inclusion department has encouraged all students and faculty members to explore their identity through storytelling. The hope is that community members can find points of relatability through other’s experiences. The department also hopes that exposure to different stories will grow our students' cultural lenses. We are excited to hear from our students.

Teachers just finished writing comments for the first quarter, and by the time you read this newsletter, your children will have reviewed their comments and grades with their advisors. In our opinion, the teachers’ comments are more important than the grades themselves, and we hope that you will take the time to review the comments at home with your son or daughter. While the grades are an indication of how your child is doing, comments are filled with insight into strengths, areas of growth, and most importantly, guidance for improvement. Please do not be alarmed if your child’s grades have declined in certain subjects. As you may know, the sophomore year curriculum is challenging in new and different ways as students transition from concrete to abstract thinking and are asked to synthesize. Additionally, it takes time for students to adjust to the curriculum and to the new expectations in each class. By the time the December comments are written, most students will have grown more familiar with the demanding curriculum and with the expectations of their teachers, and they will have discovered what they need to do in order to meet their personal goals.

At the beginning of the year and throughout the fall, we have emphasized the importance of community involvement to Class III. During sophomore year, it is important for students to pursue their interests and to participate in clubs and other extracurricular activities at Nobles. There are so many clubs and organizations, and if students join and are active this year, they may have the opportunity to take on leadership roles in upcoming years. Additionally, we were thrilled to learn about the sophomores' interest in travel this year. Students were provided with an array of service trip opportunities to choose from. The opportunities were as follows: New Orleans, Cambodia, Vietnam, Japan, India, Romania and Bulgaria, France, Guatemala and Rwanda.These trips make a lasting impact on those who experience them; we hope that students will continue to explore Nobles trips in the future.

Every year 10-15 students study away from Nobles during their Class II year. If your student is interested in studying away next year, he or she needs to begin planning soon! On Wednesday, November 16, all Class III students will hear presentations from the following programs during X-block: School Year Abroad (SYA), the Mountain School of Vermont, the Alzar School of Idaho, the School for Ethics and Global Leadership of Washington, D.C., Maine Coast Semester at Chewonki, the High Mountain Institute of Colorado, CITYTerm of NYC, the Island School of the Bahamas, and the African Leadership Academy of South Africa. Additionally, representatives from each of these study away programs will set up a table in Gleason Hall from 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. so that students may speak to them, gather more detailed information and ask specific questions. Visit or speak with Study Away Coordinator Laura Yamartino for more information.

Enjoy the rest of the fleeting fall, and have a happy Thanksgiving with your family.

Kind Regards,
Amy Joyce '03 & Edgar De Leon '04

Class III Deans

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