Nobles Parents' E-Newsletter

February 2017

Nobles Parents' Newsletter February 2017

Class II Deans

Dear Parents of Class II,

As Brian Day heads off to his sabbatical for this semester, we are lucky to have Karen Gallagher step into the role as co-dean once again. We thought it would be a good idea to share with you the kinds of things we say to your kids and to report on some positive trends we are beginning to see. But first, we can all agree that last semester was a challenging one for all kinds of different reasons. We hope that your kids have felt supported in getting the help they may need. We continue to urge them to “never worry alone.” The long winter break was certainly much needed for the recharging of spirits and energy in the comfort of home, family and friends.

There is a sense now, we believe, of things returning to a place where students and teachers can fully engage in the work they are doing together, with full academic weeks, routines and predictability. Regular class meetings every other week will help buoy the class and help to create more cohesion and unity. The SLC leaders are in the process of planning a class outing as part of their goal to bring this class together, but that job is not theirs alone. Each member of the class can lead the effort for showing more respect, more inclusion, more civility, and more kindness, one interaction at a time.

As we told this class earlier this year, a year from now, they will be seniors with one last semester left of their Nobles career. The last applications will be in, they will be thinking about senior projects and senior spring, and they will be wondering where all the time has gone. Invariably, seniors tell us that their single biggest regret is not making the effort to know more people, faculty as well as kids in their own class. Now is the time to reach out across groups to learn more about the incredible people here. Talk to someone new. Sit somewhere different. Deepen a connection with a teacher, coach or advisor.. Support risk-taking and take some yourselves. We think this is beginning to happen, and we are excited to watch the dynamic grow as this class begins to shape its identity in very positive ways.

While we, as deans, don’t spend a great deal of time talking about the college process, we know it is underway and recognize the additional stress it can bring for some students. Again, the message is simple: if you can manage your time, do your best, communicate, and stay healthy, all will be well. The most stressful days of junior spring and senior fall will not be what your children remember. They will remember the wonderful, different people they came to know, people who pushed them to be their best selves.

Thank you for your ongoing support!

Julia Russell and Karen Gallagher

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