Nobles Parents' E-Newsletter

March 2017

Nobles Parents' Newsletter March 2017

Class III Dean's Report

Hi Class III families,

Class III is working hard right now finishing up the third semester. The Western-themed  surprise lunch Class III enjoyed this semester was much appreciated. It was a wonderful respite from all the hard work of winter quarter and a nice way for the Class III students to gather together more informally. Thank you to all the parents who helped to organize this fun event.

Since January, all students have been very busy with their many academic commitments, including the U.S. History Research Project, their involvement in sports, the theater, and other extracurricular activities. As you may know, many of our Class III students were involved in, and performed in the musical Shrek. If you were able to get out and see it, you know how wonderfully successful the production was. We are sure that everyone is looking forward to vacation in order to relax and recharge for the final quarter of the year. To all of those traveling on Nobles spring break trips, we extend our best wishes for a safe and wonderful experience.

Through class meetings, assemblies and other announcements, our students have heard from a variety of study away program representatives over the past two months and we would like to applaud those who took the time and the risk to apply to study away from Nobles for either a semester of next year or for the entire academic year. If your child applied to study away, he/she should hear from the different programs by mid-April. If your child is accepted to one or more programs, he/she must make a decision and inform Nobles of this decision by May 1st. Your child should inform his/her advisor, Brooke Asnis  (Dean of Enrollment Management), as well as the two of us.  If you have any questions about this process or about the individual programs, please do not hesitate to contact us.

As we continue to push our mission, our students have also received multiple opportunities for service work abroad during spring break and the summer. Our students will have the opportunity to go to New Orleans, South Africa, Rwanda, Cambodia, Guatemala,China, Spain, Alabama/ Georgia, New Hampshire and Camp Sunshine (Maine).

As you may know, Class III has a special yearly event and this year it is held on Saturday, March 4th.  As is the tradition for Class III each year, Bob Henderson hosts the Class III Head of School Dinner & Dance to mark the midway point of their upper school career at Nobles. This year will be special because it will Bob’s last head of school event. It is a great night for the sophomore class to be together, to recognize that they are halfway through their time at Nobles, and to start to think of who they want to be as a class. Each year, this event proves to be a wonderful night. We would like to thank all of the parents who worked to make this event memorable.

We look forward to a strong finish to the year with the Class III students, and we hope to see you on the Nobles campus this spring.  We wish you and your family a relaxing and fun-filled March vacation!

Edgar DeLeon and Amy Joyce

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