Nobles Parents' E-Newsletter

April 2017

Nobles Parents' Newsletter April 2017

"Did You Know?" by Dean of Faculty Maura Sullivan

If you have ever perused our school newspaper, The Nobleman, you may have found yourself on "The Back Page." This is easily one of the favorite pages of the newspaper. The features found here, ("Darts and Laurels,""Did You Know?" and "Quotables," to name a few), offer insights into some of the small change and inside jokes of the school. One finds some little known, often quirky facts about community members or the school culture. I would argue that these tidbits are a metaphor for what makes this community special. We praise often, criticize gently, and know how to laugh at ourselves when we’ve goofed. I never fail to learn something new when I read this page and I certainly never fail to laugh.  In that vein, I offer you some insights of my own that you may or may not know about our community:

Did you know that..?

• In addition to finishing up their curriculum and prepping for AP tests, the Science department has been up to their elbows in boxes and packing tape as they prepare the Baker building for the upcoming renovations that will occur this summer?
• No matter where you go in Eastern Massachusetts you run into someone who knows Community Service Coordinator Linda Hurley?
• French teacher Mark Sheeran has led so many Nobles trips that they know him by name at the U.S. Customs Office?
• There is no such thing at Nobles as an outside substitute teacher – that other teachers step up and fill in for each other when necessary? 
• Director of EXCEL Ben Snyder is filling in as athletic director while Alex Gallagher is on sabbatical, increasing his cumulative job titles over his years at Nobles to approximately 29?
• We’ve got enough faculty members (outside of the Performing Arts department) who are accomplished musicians that they could form their own band?
• Faculty members Bill Kehlenbeck, Deb Harrison and Steve Toubman have over 100 years of varsity coaching experience between them?
• The yearly gallery show by the members of the Visual Art department is as good as anything you would find in a gallery in Boston?
• If awards were given out to clubs and organizations at Nobles, science faculty member Chris Pasterczyk’s chess team would be in the running for a gold medal every year?
• There are more than a dozen Nobles graduates who are now Nobles employees, a testament to their loyalty and commitment to the school?

I would bet that most of the students and faculty know many of the facts listed above. We are a relational community. We do not just have transactional interactions with each other. Students enjoy getting to know the adults in the Nobles community as complete people, just as the adults get to know them. This type of knowledge allows for greater buy in from both students and teachers. The adults at Nobles model the dedication and hard work that we want the students to emulate. These final two months of the school are a perfect time to underscore how well-rounded the adults in the community are and to let them know that we appreciate all they bring of themselves to their day-to-day work with students.

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