Nobles Parents' E-Newsletter

May 2017

Nobles Parents' Newsletter May 2017

Summer Green Tips for You and Your Family from the Green Team

1. Let in some light. Why waste electricity in your house or workplace? All you need to do is open the blinds and you’ve got light.

2. Start your own backyard (or front yard) garden and grow some fresh fruits and vegetables. They’re organic and they taste better.

3. Find out when your local Farmers’ Market is being held and go there to get some in-season, local produce.

4. Eat at home. Use local produce, find a local fish market, try a new recipe and plan ahead meals as to not waste/throw away foods when going away for vacations.

5. Avoid idling. Just turn off the car. Turn it back on when you are ready to go again. It’s that simple and it saves gas and harmful emissions.

6. If you can walk or ride your bike instead, then do so. Many people don’t consider this as a viable option, but just think how much you used to walk around when you were younger. Nearby errands can be done with a backpack and a bike and the whole family can join.

7. If you need to go somewhere a little further away, check public transportation options. Taking the train to Boston is fun.

8. Unplug. Declare your independence from technology. Go outside, visit a museum, volunteer locally, go to the beach, bake, read on the porch. Summer is the best time to try new things and spend less time plugged-in.

9. Make the simple change so you do all your energy-heavy chores off peak hours. Do your laundry, dishes, vacuuming, cooking, etc. at night. Doing so will cut your energy bill and help prevent your home from heating up unnecessarily during the day.

10. Give your dryer a break. Consider hanging your clothes out to dry.

11. Drink, but don’t waste water. Your body needs water to stay healthy and hydrated. Don’t waste it though. Any “leftover water” (ie: kids sports bottles) can be used to water plants, give to your pets, etc. If you are aware of what you are doing and you will probably save quite a bit.

12. Planning a hike, kayak, or overnight camping trip? Teach your children about “no trace left behind.”

13. Remember the sunscreen. But not just any sunscreen, choose a non-toxic sunscreen so you aren’t polluting your skin or the environment.

14. Skip the Charcoal:  Not all barbeques are created equal, charcoal grills are dirty and contribute to poor air quality.  Try a cleaner burning propane gas grill or an electric one to help keep the air cleaner and to lower your carbon footprint.

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