Nobles Parents' E-Newsletter

October 2017

Nobles Parents' Newsletter October 2017

Class II Deans Letter

We have heard great things about this class—their closeness, their resiliency, and their full engagement in all parts of school life—and we saw those traits right off, first during the Scavenger Hunt retreat and then, sadly, in response to yet another loss in our community.  While some students are more affected than others, we sense that this class will continue to support one another and will rise to new levels of leadership and achievement in the months to come.

Six new boys join the Class of 2019, bringing with them new talents and perspectives. While there is obviously a period of adjustment that everyone goes through as we transition from summer to fall, everyone seems to have adjusted well, even to the increased demands of junior year. If that changes for anyone, we will be sure to let you know. As we explained to the class at the start of the retreat, graduating seniors often have one common observation and one regret: the time went by so fast and they wish they had reached out earlier to people that they did not know so well. We urge these rising juniors to begin now, especially as they take greater ownership of the school as leaders—in classes, on teams, and in many other areas of the school. How will they treat each other? How do they want to be remembered as a class?

One of our hopes is that they will become better advocates for themselves as they develop greater independence and self-motivation. Please join us in encouraging students to reach out to their teachers early on to begin to forge relationships with them. We, along with the college counselors, advisors and the dean of students, are here to offer additional layers of support and guidance. They will have to balance the drive for individual achievement with the needs of the other members of their various groups—their academic classes, their teams, and yes, their families.

Additionally, our hope is that they understand that they will only be able to work to their fullest potential if they are well rested and healthy. We fully understand that the students have a lot to do, sometimes too much, but they need to be reminded that their bodies and their brains need rest in order to function optimally. If they can plan ahead, stay organized, and prioritize their efforts, we know they will thrive. Clear and honest communication goes a long way. We ask it of them and of you, and we promise the same in return.

We have really enjoyed the opportunity to meet this class and are excited to work with them throughout the year. Of course, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Enjoy the autumn months.

Sincerely yours,

Brian Day and Julia Russell
Class II Deans

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