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November 2010

Nobles Parents E-Newsletter November 2010

Flu Clinic

There will be a flu clinic in Morrison Forum on Tuesday, Nov. 9, from 12 -4 p.m. for students, staff and faculty, at a cost of $30 per person. It is being provided by Novartis Pharmaceuticals and Maxim Health Care.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call or e-mail, Trish Koningisor , RN, at 781-320-7070 (office) or 781-789-6474 (cell).

Influenza vaccine is recommended for all adolescents. As a parent, you should be aware that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now recommends annual immunization of all people aged 6 months and older. Additionally, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) distinguishes adolescents as a high-risk group.

Every year, children are at risk for developing serious complications from seasonal influenza. Flu vaccination is one of the best ways to help protect children from getting the seasonal flu, and has been shown to significantly reduce the incidence of student illness, impaired school performance, and missed class or work days.

Many people are not aware of the true dangers of the flu. On average, every year:

As many Americans die of influenza as breast cancer
Two to three times as many Americans die from influenza than HIV/AIDS
65 million Americans fall victim to influenza and flu-related complications, such
as pneumonia, resulting in 200,000 hospitalizations and 36,000 deaths per year
This season, one flu vaccine protects against both H1N1 and seasonal flu strains. In February, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced the requirement that the influenza A H1N1 (2009) strain be included in the seasonal flu vaccine. Therefore, for this coming flu season, only one flu shot will be necessary.

The cost for a seasonal influenza shot at this event is $30, which is comparable to the cost at your neighborhood pharmacy. Check with your insurance provider, as the cost may be reimbursable. Payment will be made on the day of the event.

You must complete two copies of a consent form per child for this event. One is for Maxim Health Systems to use for its records. The second consent form is your verification if you choose to submit it to your insurance company for reimbursement.

The day of the event your child must bring the following:

A check made out to Maxim Health Systems for $30 or $30 in cash
Click here to download the permission form, which must be returned and signed by a parent or guardian in order for a student to receive a flu shot. Please send the form to the Nurse's Office prior to the day of the vaccination or fax it to: 781-459-0336.

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