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Judith Merritt Retires

As assistant registrar in 2003 and registrar since 2004, Judith Merritt has performed many critically important tasks that kept the school running smoothly. As she prepares for retirement, Merritt reflects, “It’s time to end this chapter and get ready for the next one, hard as it is.” She now hopes to “find the learning in the transition” away from Nobles.

Merritt’s career at Nobles began through a longtime friendship with Nobles English teacher Vicky Seelen. Over a decade ago, Seelen invited Merritt to brunch, which she almost skipped, but thought, “If someone invites me to do something, I’m going to do it.” Merritt’s brunch conversation landed her the position at Nobles, across the hall from Seelen. 

At Nobles, Merritt called herself the “gatekeeper.” She explains, “I think about my job as maintaining the integrity of all those records that have to do with each student’s life here at Nobles.” Her tasks also included giving AP exams, communicating with the College Board, organizing driver’s education courses and helping with events and paperwork.

“Nobles was a really great place to be for the last 13 years,” Merritt says. She always felt appreciated, saying, “The Mark Sheerans and Nahyon Lees of the world send a thank you email every year for what we do, which is not necessary but is so appreciated.”

She admires Nobles’ philosophical stability, saying, “I will always have very high respect for the school and its traditions. I have a lot of gratitude for the opportunity to have worked here.”

She’s especially grateful for the support of the community during the challenges in her personal life. “That’s what Nobles does really well; rallying when someone in the community needs it,” she says.

Although Merritt wished she had more opportunities to interact with the students, she could not stop adding to the list of colleagues she’s loved during her time here. She enjoyed helping Nobles counselor Jen Hamilton organize meditations for faculty and staff 3 times a week. “We don’t talk during the meditations, but spending 15 minutes in silence has formed a bond among us,” she says.

Having shared an office for 12 years, Merritt and Patricia Aliquo’s friendship became “a really good working relationship.” As Merritt explains, “we know what the other one does and we get things done. We complement each other.” Aliquo will take over as Registrar next year.

Merritt looks forward to the exciting changes in her life ahead of her. “I want to write more. I’d love to get back into personal coaching. I want to move to Maine, eventually.”

As in the past, Merritt will trust her instincts when preparing for the next challenge. “I’ll know when it’s the right time,” she says.

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Judith Merritt Retirement