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Robin Kenny Retires

Robin Kenny’s legendary knowledge of all things athletics has made her a cornerstone of the Nobles Athletic Department for the past three decades. With affection and gratitude, she reflects on her lifelong association with Nobles and her time as the assistant athletic director and equipment manager.

“I’ve been at Nobles forever,” she says. She went to Nobles Day Camp as a child, hung out with her brother Jim Kenny ‘78’s Nobles friends as a teenager and began working at Nobles in her early twenties. 

Her career began with her being, as she says, “in the right place at the right time.” After college, Kenny often visited longtime friend Mark Harrington at the Nobles hockey games where he coached. One day Harrington asked her, “If you’re going to hang out, why don’t you put on your skates and come help me?”

Through that volunteer coaching position, Kenny met Equipment Manager Bob Agostini, who also mentioned his need for help. Agostini taught Kenny how to paint the fields, take care of the pools, repair the equipment and run the store.

When Agostini unexpectedly passed away a year later, Kenny stepped into the Equipment Manager’s role. In her time since, Kenny has more than earned the Robert J. Agostini Award for athletic contribution as a non-competitor, which she was awarded at the end of this year.

The jobs of the assistant athletic director and equipment manager have multiplied over the decades since Kenny began. In the late ‘80s, her responsibilities were field prep and running the store, which only offered a few gray t-shirts and gray sweatpants. Laundry was nowhere near the behemoth task it is now.

The fields and facilities have since multiplied and the new gym brought with it a bigger store with more space for more gear. She smiles, “There’s no dress code for practice clothes, but, if you look, I’ll say 90% of the kids are wearing at least one if not two pieces of printed Nobles attire. That’s just awesome.”

Despite the changes on campus and in her position, Kenny says that the community at Nobles has always been a family. In a note she sent out after her retirement, Kenny wrote, “It has been a great experience, from lining the fields, tending the pools, coaching, running the equipment room and store, but most of all, getting to know all of you. Nobles is a great place to work. I cannot thank the school enough.”

Kenny was emotional in expressing her immense gratitude to Nobles and its people for supporting her through the difficult moments of her life. “That, to me, is just amazing. I’m so grateful for them letting me take the time I needed.”

Now, she says, it’s time to move on to chapter two, whatever that will end up being. “I will miss it dearly,” she says, “but it’s the right thing to do for me and the school.” For a woman who has flown planes, drawn maps and sold motorcycles, Kenny’s future holds every possibility, except, as she says, she “will never work at a desk.” 

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Robin Kenny Retirement