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Sustainability is an important concept right now, with the rate of current consumption of natural resources and the extensive damage that human activity has done to the natural environment, there is worldwide concern about how to best take care of the present to be able to preserve for the future. We can learn much about how to be good stewards of the land and how to live harmoniously with the earth through both science and learning from the Native American’s special relationship with the natural world.

This trip is for middle school students who will be involved in exploring how human activity through global warming and mining are currently impacting the mountain ecosystems. Students will be involved in collecting important data as part of two ongoing citizen science projects with the Mountain Studies Institute. Research will include collecting data for a Pica survey to help assess the effect of global warming on the local mountain ecosystem, and a macro invertebrate river monitoring project of the Animas River to gauge the lasting effects of the Gold King Mine Disaster of 2014. Students will spend two nights camping in a backcountry campground and activities during this time will include a day hike, visit to a natural hot springs and some team building on an adventure course.

The group will then travel to Arizona where they will spend 3-4 days in Kayenta, a town in the Navajo reservation. Their primary focus during this time will be to learn about the Navajo nation and help the Durango Rotary club install solar powered lights in homes that are too far into the reservation to be on the electric grid. During this time we will visit Mesa Verde national park, the 700 year-old cliff dwellings of the ancient Pueblos. Other activities could include exploring sustainability issues through the eyes of the Navajo nation.

We will end the trip with a few relaxing days in the beautiful town of Durango Colorado where we will raft the Animas River.

For more detailed information on this trip, including dates, cost, trip leaders, and trip and financial aid applications, click here. 




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Middle School Colorado
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