Statement of Policy for Students and Applicants with Disabilities

Statement of Policy

Noble and Greenough School is committed to equal opportunity and access for students and applicants with disabilities to the programs, services and facilities of the School. The School will comply with all provisions of federal and state laws in this regard and will provide, upon request and consistent with applicable law, reasonable modifications to policies, procedures, programs, services and facilities to provide access to qualified applicants and students with disabilities. The School’s ADA Compliance Officer shall be responsible for assisting the parents of students and applicants with disabilities in respect of requests for such modifications and with monitoring compliance with this policy.

Requesting Accommodation

The parents of a qualified student or applicant with a disability may request a modification pursuant to this policy. Requests should be made to the ADA Compliance Officer.

The ADA Compliance Officers are:
Co-Deans of Diversity Edgar De Leon (upper school) and Erica Pernell (middle school)

Requests for modification should be made soon as possible in order to assure that any necessary modifications can be implemented in a timely fashion.

The ADA Compliance Officers will work with the parents and appropriate faculty or staff members to evaluate the student’s disability and the ability of the School to provide a reasonable modification. Parents are encouraged to share information to assist the ADA Coordinator in identifying a reasonable modification under this policy.

When a reasonable modification is identified, the ADA Compliance Officers or their designee shall prepare a written memorandum memorializing the modification, which shall be distributed to the student’s parents and appropriate faculty and/or staff for implementation. In the event no reasonable modification is identified, the designated individual will provide a written explanation of the reasoning. (Parents should be aware that modifications may not be required if they would result in a fundamental alteration of the School’s program or impose an undue burden on the School. Parents should also be aware that a modification different than the specific modification requested may be suggested by the School).

Parents who disagree with any such recommendation may appeal to the Head of School. The Head of School shall have final responsibility for the School’s position as to whether any specific modification will be provided.

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