"We encourage students to develop their problem-solving and leadership skills, their confidence and their character. We hope they ask themselves, 'What did I offer? What did I add?'"

– Mark Spence, Dean of Students

Student Life: Outside of the Classroom

Nobles encourages students to lead balanced and well-rounded lives.

The required Afternoon Program offers activities in Athletics and Wellness, the Arts and Community Service, which foster an appreciation for community, self-discipline and teamwork. Nobles has an 80-hour community service graduation requirement and each year, students perform at least 25,000 hours of service to more than 400 sites in Boston and around the world.

Clubs and Organizations offer a venue for developing interests and new friendships. Nobles teachers coach, direct, mentor and supervise more than 90 percent of all Afternoon Program and co-curricular activities, building important relationships with students beyond the classroom.

Nobles offers a wide variety of student support services. Our Student Life team—composed of a range of administrators including the Provost, Dean of Diversity Initiatives, Class Deans, counselors, learning specialist and Dean of Students—provides both personal and academic support for students. In addition, the Peer Help Program works with the Student Life Team to provide free student-to-student tutoring and a host of other support groups and services.

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Student Life: Outside of the Classroom