Class of 2017 Awards and Prizes

Alexander D. Slawsby '96 Computer Science Award
John Picken

Alumni Prize (for excellence in history)
Sabrina Li Shen

Bramhall-Bridge Purchase Prize in Art
RJ Jaczko
Sophia Millay
Christian Pisano
Hillary Umphrey

Class of ’98 Award (given, by the vote of the graduating class)
Casey Dunne

Davis Cup (for sportsmanship)  
Reg Anderson
Addy Mitchell

Edward L. Bond Jr. Prize (for improvement in scholarship)
Kiara Curet

Edward Stone Gleason Award (for academic excellence)
Victor Li

Epes Sargent Dixwell Medal (for excellence in Latin)
Luna Li

G. L. Bridge Award (for excellence in ceramics)
Kayla Getter

Grandin Wise Award (for excellence in community service)
Calvin Kinghorn
Maura McLaughlin

Greenough Prize (for excellence in mathematics)
Clay Mizgerd
Kimmy Schuster

Head of School’s Prize (formerly headmaster’s prize)
Spoorthi Balu

Little Memorial Essay Awards
Creative: Dane Jacobson
Literary Analysis: Julia Herzfelder

Miller Medal (excellence in scholarship and athletics) 
Jack Roberts

Nash Medal (for executive ability)
Helena Jensen

Nathaniel C. Nash Prize (for journalism)
Holly Lyne

The Nobles Dance Prize
Gevaniah Gabeau

Nobles Shield (for most respected female and male athlete)
Becca Gilmore
Franklin Holgate

Public Speaking Award
Harry Sherman

Reginald Davidson Music Award
Julia Herzfelder
Dane Jacobson
Victor Li
Chad Polk

Robert J. Agostini Award (for athletic contribution as a non-competitor) 
Kevin O'Neill

Russell B. Stearns Achievement Award
Frannie Adams
Philip Barnett
Medhanit Felleke

Scudder Medal (for excellence in fine arts)
Amaya Finklea

Sheldon Prize (for excellence in science)
Jack Roberts

Shillito Cup (for excellence in photography)
Shira Hornstein

Sidney L. Eaton Prize (for excellence in performing arts)
Syra Mehdi

Thomas S. Resor Coaching Excellence Award
Fred Hollister

Trustees’ Prize for Class I
Julia Shanno

Vernon L. Greene Prize for Faculty Excellence 
Karen Gallagher

Volkmann Medal 
Jack Maroni  (excellence in French)
Peter Scharer  (general excellence in languages)
Sophia Millay  (excellence in Spanish)

Wiswell Prize (for excellence in English)
Addy Mitchell

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Class of 2017 Awards and Prizes