Fee Waiver Guidelines

If you discern that you qualify for standardized testing or college application fee waivers, you may obtain them from any member of the college counseling office. If you have questions about your eligibility or their usage, please contact a college counselor. We are happy to help!

ACT Fee Waiver Guidelines

Eligible students may use a maximum of TWO separate ACT Fee Waivers. ACT Fee Waivers cover the basic fee for either the ACT (no writing) or the ACT with

writing. This fee includes one report to the high school and up to four college choices.
Waivers may NOT be used to pay for any of the following: late registration fee; test
date, test option, or test center changes; additional college choices; standby fee; other
services; or residual (on-campus) testing.

College Board: SAT and SUBJECT TEST Fee Waiver Guidelines

College Board fee waivers cover the registration fee for up to two SATs, with or without the SAT Essay and the registration fee for up to two SAT Subject Test administrations (take up to three individual SAT Subject Tests on a single test day). Waivers also cover:

  • Four limited-time score reports plus four to use at any time (see details below)
  • Four college application fee waivers
  • Question-and-Answer Service (QAS) or Student Answer Service (SAS) if ordered at the time of registration (QAS and SAS aren’t available for SAT Subject Tests)
  • A fee reduction for multiple-choice score verification or essay score verification
  • Coverage of the SAT Essay if you are an SAT School Day tester whose school or district covers only the SAT but supports essay testing
  • Coverage of the non-U.S. regional fee for fee-waiver-eligible U.S. students who are testing abroad


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Fee Waiver Guidelines
Fee Waiver Guidelines
Fee Waiver Guidelines