Michael Denning
Thank you for expressing interest in Noble and Greenough School. My name is Michael Denning. I serve as the head of upper school and teach in the History and Social Sciences Department. This fall, I begin my nineteenth year on the faculty at Nobles, and during my tenure I have had the privilege of teaching, advising and coaching hundreds of students, working in admissions and serving as the director of college counseling.

I would love to elaborate on why I have remained so inspired by my colleagues and students at Nobles all these years—and why my wife, Emily, and I have entrusted our son’s education to this community, but space prohibits me from doing so. However, if I had to distill my thoughts down to a single idea, it would be my colleagues' and students' shared and steadfast fidelity to the idea that an education is incomplete and inadequate unless academic rigor and ethical community principles—honesty, respect for self and respect for others—are taught and learned in unison.

I wish you the very best of luck in your search and hope to meet you, in person, very soon.

Michael Denning
Head of Upper School

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