Noble and Greenough School is a rigorous academic community dedicated to inspiring leadership for the public good. Through mentoring relationships, we motivate students to achieve their highest potential and to lead lives characterized by service to others.

Personal Development

Personal Development, Academics

Nobles is committed to nurturing the intellectual as well as the emotional, social, and psychological development of its students. Through a series of courses required of all students in Classes VI through III, the Personal Development curriculum is designed to provide a clearer understanding of self as well as an understanding of the role and responsibility of the individual in relation to the Nobles community and society at large. The courses present factual information and facilitate open discussions about issues such as ethical decision-making, various factors that contribute to identity formation, mental and physical health, sexual education, mindfulness and other proactive strategies to enhance well-being, and much more. The goal of these courses is to provide students with a platform to discuss important topics and to assist in developing an informed and deliberate decision-making process.

Personal Development IV and III

The curriculum, which is designed as a two-year course, will address issues specific to the experience and development of ninth-and tenth-grade students. Classes are divided by gender and address such issues as: personal responsibility, alcohol and other drug use/abuse, personal identity and self-awareness, self-reliance and decision-making, coping with stress, communication, friendships and relationships, harassment, tolerance, mental and physical well-being and media literacy. This course meets once a week for the entire year.

  -Myers Briggs
  -Gender Identity
  -Role Models
  -Public Speaking
  -Social Pressure
  -Sex Ed
  -Mental and Emotional Health
  -Drugs and Alcohol
  -Crossing the Line Exercise
  -Public Speaking
  -Life Skills exercise
  -Sex Ed
  -Responsibility and Decision Making
  -Life Skills Exercise


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