Fall 2020 Planning More Information

Fall 2020 Planning

Questions about the school’s response to Covid-19 or fall 2020 reopening plans? Click here.

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Reunion/Graduates Day 2020

Reunion/Graduates Day 2020

Regretfully, due to the Covid-19 health crisis, Reunion and Graduates Day 2020 is rescheduled to May 7 and 8, 2021. Read about Nobles’ campus response. Please be well, join the Nobles grads’ directory, and follow Noble and Greenough Grads on Facebook to stay connected.


Have Questions?
Contact Katherine Minevitz, special events coordinator, at Katherine_Minevitz@nobles.edu or 781-320-7009.


Any questions regarding your reunion please contact Katherine Minevitz, special events coordinator, or your reunion manager:

2015 – 5th Reunion: Emma Barnes emma_barnes@nobles.edu
2010 – 10th Reunion: Emma Barnes emma_barnes@nobles.edu
2005 – 15th Reunion: Allie Trainor allie_trainor@nobles.edu
2000 – 20th Reunion: Casey Hassenstein casey_hassenstein@nobles.edu
1995 – 25th Reunion: Katie Coggeshall ’88 k_coggeshall@nobles.edu
1990 – 30th Reunion: Lisa Rose ’90 lrose90@nobles.edu
1985 – 35th Reunion: Katie Coggeshall ’88 k_coggeshall@nobles.edu
1980 – 40th Reunion: Casey Hassenstein casey_hassenstein@nobles.edu
1975 – 45th Reunion: Lisa Rose ’90 lrose90@nobles.edu
1970 – 50th Reunion: Harriet Prince harriet_prince@nobles.edu
1969+ — Noblest Reunion: Kate Treitman Brown ’99 kbrown99@nobles.edu