Nobles Employee Benefits Summary 2020-2021

Medical Insurance

Four plans are available through Blue Cross Blue Shield: BCBS Preferred Blue PPO. Preferred Blue PPO Saver (HSA compatible), HMO Access Blue and HMO Access Blue Saver (HSA Compatible). All plans have deductibles: The Preferred Blue PPO plan and the HMO Access Blue has $1,000 for individual and $2,000 for 2-person and family.  The PPO & HMO Saver deductible is $1500 for individuals and $3,000 for 2-person or family. The monthly rates are as follows:

HMO Access Blue Individual$65.97
HMO Access Blue 2-person$494.46
HMO Access Blue Family$743.65
HMO Access Blue Saver Individual$0
HMO Access Blue Saver 2-person$357.13
HMO Access Blue Saver Family$532.43
PPO Individual$73.89
PPO 2-Person$553.80
PPO Family$832.89
PPO Saver Individual$30.00
PPO Saver 2-Person$357.13
PPO Saver Family$532.43

Employees can also enroll and participate in a medical FSA, dependent care or HSA, depending upon which health insurance plan is elected.

Dental Insurance

The School has BCBS Dental Blue. Nobles pays 92.5% for the individual employee (employee pays $4.04/mo). The employee may purchase 2-person coverage ($42.4/mo) or family coverage ($73.79/mo).


The Nobles plan is with TIAA and it is mandatory that an employee enrolls and contributes 3.33% of salary and Nobles contributes 10.00%. Nobles will contribute an additional 1% of salary if the employee contributes at least an additional 2% of salary to a supplementary retirement account. There is no waiting period and the money is 100% vested immediately.

Group Life Insurance

This is provided at 2x salary at no cost to the employee through Guardian. Employees can purchase voluntary life insurance for themselves, spouse and children and pay through payroll. There is a guaranteed issue of $150,000 policy for an employee and $25,000 for a spouse/partner if purchased within the first 30 days of employment.

Group Long Term Disability Insurance

This is provided at no cost to the employee, through Guardian.

Basic Long Term Care insurance

This insurance ($2,000/month for 3 years) is provided at no cost to the employee through UNUM. The employee may “buy up” levels of coverage.

Tuition Remission

All full-time employees are eligible for Tuition Remission after one year of service. If an employee’s child is accepted to Nobles and chooses to attend Nobles, remission is 93% of the day school tuition. The family pays expenses, and there is a required contribution from the student. In grades 7-12, if the student attends a different tuition school, Nobles will pay directly to the other school up to 75% of the Nobles day tuition rate.


  • Free lunch provided daily (except for school breaks) in the Castle (school dining hall)
  • Use of the school fitness center
  • Wellness and balance through free on-campus initiatives (spinning, yoga, fitness challenges, swimming)
  • Discounted Nobles Day Camp tuition for dependents of employees
  • Half-day Fridays in the summer (most departments)
  • Community service opportunities
  • Approximately 14 holidays per year
  • Professional development through essential employee and faculty meetings
  • Nutrition education
  • Financial counseling
  • Social events for employees (retreat, trivia nights)
  • Awareness of counseling/mental health resources
  • Book club
  • Mindfulness
  • Discounts to local gyms
  • A faculty ID that provides discounts to various retail establishments (local and online)
  • Use of school kayaks/canoes
  • Community organic garden

This list reflects current benefit offerings as of June 2020, and is subject to change at any time with or without notice.