Middle School Baseball

Middle School Baseball

Nobles has an outstanding middle school athletic program and it doesn’t stop at baseball. The MS coaching staff works hard to build practices and schedules that challenge student-athletes of all skill levels. Our middle school coaching staff (Don Allard, Andy Shumway and Thomas Forteith) is by far one of the most experienced baseball staffs in the area. It is comprised of faculty and staff who have spent years instructing and competing at various levels of their sport. In the end, middle schoolers have an experience that ties them more closely to their classmates, while simultaneously pushing them to fulfill their potential as both athletes and leaders.

Don Allard

Head Coach At nobles since 1996

Coaching Philosophy: Create team-centric groups and build self-esteem through meeting appropriate challenges.

Coaching Tenure: For 22 years at Nobles, I have coached football and baseball at every level from varsity through middle school.

Playing/Prior Coaching Experience: Varsity football and baseball player at Harvard (1980-1983)

Andy Shumway

Assistant Coach At nobles since