Boys Middle School Basketball

Boys Middle School Basketball

Middle schoolers have the opportunity to challenge themselves athletically while building close ties to their classmates on boys middle school basketball. With fitness and fun built into practice, players develop their skills and athleticism and learn their potentials for being both great leaders and teammates.

Todd Ducharme

Head Coach At nobles since

Coach Ducharme is in his first season coaching middle school basketball at Nobles. Coach Ducharme brings a wealth of experience having coached AAU basketball in recent years.

John Lower

At nobles since 2018

Coaching Philosophy: We are not just teaching skills and techniques of the sport we coach; we are teaching skills of teamwork, camaraderie, sportsmanship, resilience and mental toughness. We are teaching players to push themselves to their individual limits and to not be afraid to rely on others for help. We are teaching them that losing is okay and that success takes time. Most importantly, we are teaching them that, in the end, it is only worthwhile if you are learning and finding joy in what you do. So forget the rest and focus on having fun!

Prior Coaching Experience: Coached U18 players and goalkeepers at Vermont Soccer School, grades 7-9 at NMH Summer Session, and grades K-6 at Summit Soccer School in Bristol, VT.

Playing experience: I was a goalkeeper for the Middlebury College Men’s soccer team and played soccer, basketball and lacrosse throughout high school at the varsity level.