Girls Junior Varsity Hockey

Girls Junior Varsity Hockey

Girls JV hockey welcomes skaters of all skill levels onto the ice for an experience characterized by a lively team dynamic and electric competition. More experienced players get to share their love for the game with novice competitors, which makes for immensely fun practices and exciting games where every player finds success. The camaraderie and energy on this team is unmatched, and intensity is found both in game play and locker room laughter. Coach Benjamin finds a home for every player on this team, and redefines the meaning of success for the individual by defining it for the team: “Success is playing hard and having fun doing it.”

Elizabeth Benjamin-Alcayaga

Head Coach At nobles since

Alden Mauck

At nobles since

Coaching Philosophy: Hockey is fun, and that is important to remember no matter the result. The game is fast and rough and competitive and needs to be played with intensity, sportsmanship and commitment to the team.

Coaching Tenure: I have been coaching various levels of hockey since 1981.

Playing/Prior Coaching Experience: Coaching at St. Sebastian’s since 1983 and at Nobles since 1995.