Girls Varsity Hockey

Girls Varsity Hockey

Girls varsity hockey has enjoyed considerable success since its inception in 1971. In the past fourteen years, Nobles has won fourteen Independent School League (ISL) titles, has qualified each year for New England Prep School Girls Ice Hockey Association (NEPSGIHA) Division I Tournament, and has won six NEPSGIHA titles. In addition to the varsity, Nobles supports a JV team and a middle school co-ed team.

Nobles hockey focuses on developing skills, having fun, and being a great teammate. Practices are designed to teach and improve individual skills and team play and include a lot of small games to model what happens in games and to create a competitive and fun atmosphere. As a team member, each girl must put the team’s interest above her own.

Tom Resor

Head Coach At nobles since

Coaching Philosophy: We try to create an atmosphere where our players can develop their skills, have fun every day, and improve as competitors and teammates. Our practices include many small-area games to challenge players to perform at a high level and to model what happens in games.

Coaching Tenure: I am in my 34th year at Nobles. I coached boys varsity hockey from 1986-2000 and have coached girls varsity hockey since 2000. In addition, I have coached boys varsity lacrosse, tennis, and baseball as well as boys JV lacrosse and Soccer and middle school tennis and football.

Playing/Prior Coaching Experience: I grew up playing multiple sports through high school and played hockey and tennis at Williams College.

Steve Cedorchuk

Assistant Coach At nobles since

Steve Cedorchuk has over thirty-five years of experience at the high school, college, national, and international levels and has coached at Nobles for 9 years.