Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee

The ultimate team has grown in size and prominence over the past decade, and competition is increasing as more local schools are forming teams of their own. Ultimate frisbee is a co-ed team sport with approximately twenty players on the roster, seven players playing at a time during matches. The program is known for its fun team dynamic and competitive energy that often spreads throughout the Nobles community before the group participates in big matches. Coaches Dorsey and Kinard welcome both experienced players and beginners to try out for the team.

John Dorsey

Head Coach At nobles since 1998

Coaching Philosophy: Have fun through superior play.

Coaching Tenure: I have coached soccer, basketball, softball, outdoor adventure, and ultimate at various times at Nobles since 1998.

Playing/Prior Coaching Experience: I played soccer and ultimate at Wesleyan.  I have played for various ultimate club teams across the country (Surgeons in AZ, Rhino in OR, Flow in PA).  I coached soccer and basketball at Andover and at Sewickley Academy prior to my arrival at Nobles.

Henry Kinard

Assistant Coach At nobles since