IntroGeometry.2020: Introduction to Geometry

Prerequisite: Prealgebra or Algebra IDescription: This course will explore some of the essential theorems and deductive logic of Euclidean geometry. We will begin with points, lines, and planes and move into properties of triangles, including a short introduction to right triangle trigonometry. This course is ideal for students entering a Geometry course in the fall […]

FrenchGrammar.2020: Progressive French Grammar

The aim of the course is to help students review/improve/master their knowledge of French grammar. From articles, pronouns and conjunctions to the subjunctive, conditional phrases and the indirect discourse, this course will offer hands-on drills and activities in order to prepare the students for a smoother transition into oral proficiency.

AmericanGreats.2020: American Greats

A reading of three of the most celebrated authors of the 20th Century: Fitzgerald (Tender is the Night), Hemingway (Farewell to Arms) and Faulkner (Light in August)

Memoir.2020: Memoir

Defined as a literary account of a life or event written from personal experience, memoirs are one of the most consistently compelling (and best-selling) genres on the market. They represent an attempt to create a shared memory with a reader. Think of it as the literary version of a strand of memory floating in Dumbledore’s, […]

PoetryandProtes.2020: Poetry and Protest

This course will use the study of poetry to examine the fundamental aspects of protest throughout history. Utilizing the voices of various poets, the course will examine both current and recent protest movements to understand and untangle the artists’ role in society. The course will study a myriad of poets who used their voices to […]

Power.2020: Power

This course will pull back the curtain and allow learners to understand - and utilize - the machinations of power. We will draw on University of Iowa Professor Kenneth Brown's course entitled "The Power of Influence"; French philosopher Michel Foucault's "Madness and Civilization"; and one or two current-day inequalities. Finally, learners will identify a wrong […]

ShortStories.2020: Short Stories, Sci-Fi, and Cinema

We often think of film adaptations of literature as needing to condense lengthy novels. However, many blockbuster science fiction movies - including 2001: A Space Odyssey, Minority Report, AI, and Total Recall - were actually based on short stories. These films expanded a relatively brief tale and created a much lengthier cinematic narrative. In this […]

Quadratics.2020: Quadratics

This course will provide an in-depth look at one of the most essential functions - quadratics. We will look at how to FOIL, how to factor, and how quadratics can be categorized into three different types. Graphing, solving, and an introduction to transformations with quadratics will round out this course. This course is ideal for […]

PoliticsAndEthi.2020: Politics and Ethics in a Red State/Blue State America

As we approach the 2020 election in November we will examine long-standing political philosophies, their influence over ethical decision-making, and the challenges that our current leaders face given the hyper-intense partisanship that currently divides our nation. This course will ask students to engage in a daily examination of their own philosophies while also studying how […]

ScratchToPython.2020: Scratch to Python: Start Programming!

Young people around the world learn about computer programming through Scratch, a block-based coding platform developed by the MIT Media Lab in 2007. It is currently used in 150 countries and available in over 40 languages. The visual blocks are put together like puzzle pieces, making it easy to learn, while introducing basic programming concepts […]

IntroCalculus.2020: Introduction to Calculus

This course is designed for students starting calculus for the first time this fall. We will refresh some topics from precalculus, such as graphing, inequalities, and logarithms, with a particular focus on interpreting word problems. One thing that will be important as students move onto calculus will be understanding how we can make a graph […]