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Fall 2020 Planning

Questions about the school’s response to Covid-19 or fall 2020 reopening plans? Click here.

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Clubs & Organizations

Clubs & Organizations

Student clubs and organizations meet during free blocks of time during the school day, after the academic day or during the evening. Through these groups, Nobles students pursue longstanding passions, test out budding interests and forge friendships with peers and faculty. Many activities which are only clubs at other schools, like photography and community service, are already part of the Nobles academic or afternoon program, so this allows our club offerings to cover an eclectic array of options to suit the changing interests, needs and passions of Nobles students.

Often in the classroom, we teach things, but do we really give them the opportunity to act on those teachings? This is what X-block provides—an arena for them to follow through on the ideas, the inspirations and the things that brought them into the classroom.Bill Bussey Provost