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Fall 2020 Planning

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Performing Arts

Performing Arts

Our performing arts department encourages abstract thinking, inspires confidence and improves communication skills. It’s where our students find their voices, try on new identities and dance to their favorite songs.

A progressive program at Nobles provides students of all skill levels and interests with opportunities to express themselves and learn from others.

Not an actor, but want to be part of a production team? Test your creativity and get hands-on experience with tech theatre. Want to challenge your voice and improve your stage presence? Audition for Greensleeves or Nobleonians, two of our student a cappella groups. Boost your confidence on the dance floor by taking our “So You Think You Can’t Dance?” course. Or, take part in our afternoon program with more experienced dancers, where you can learn a new genre or help choreograph a dance in our new studio.

Putting yourself out there on stage, in the recital hall, or even in a practice room takes courage. We have programs and opportunities for students who know they love the performing arts and for students who have yet to realize their passions.