Afternoon Program

Afternoon Program


Throughout its history, Nobles has been committed to a co-curricular program in which students pursue their interests and develop their talents. Together, Nobles adults and students work towards shared goals in athletics, the arts and service. Up through Class III, students take part in an afternoon program every season (three each year), two of which are physical activities, instilling habits of health and wellness. Our oldest students have the option to sit out one season of the year. The afternoon program is another way that Nobles teaches students the importance of respect for self and others, encouraging teamwork, collaboration and self discovery through artistic expression.


To read an updated list of offerings for Spring 2020-2021, click here





  • Fall Dance, Classes I-VI. Students will develop their dance technique in a variety of styles (ballet, contemporary, hip-hop, and jazz) and have the chance to learn from a rotating list of master guest artists in virtual sessions (Latin dance, musical theatre, tap, to name a few). While some choreography may be developed for a virtual showing, the fall 2020 focus will be on becoming a stronger dancer. All levels welcome.


  • N/A


  • Fall Mainstage, Classes I-IV. This group is the acting company for the Nobles Theatre Collective’s fall drama or comedy. The NTC’s fall project will be 100% available for students to participate in whether they are on campus or not. 
  • Technical Theatre, Classes I-VI. This program brings the costume, lighting, scenic, and sound designs to life and runs the show from backstage!
  • Global Storytelling, Classes IV-VI. Global Storytelling explores the forms of storytelling and performance from all over the world, from West African griots to Japanese Noh theatre, to magical realism in Latin America. Students will investigate traditional storytelling from many cultures and understand how those traditions influence storytelling and performance today. The season will culminate in a production project, where students can choose to write, perform, design, and more!


Students will explore a variety of dance styles including musical theatre, jazz, ballet barre, hip hop, contemporary, and choreography making. (Classes I-VI)

Nobles Music Collaborative
Strings, piano, percussion, and guitar musicians will explore all genres including, pop, classical European, rock and open improvisation. As the music will be rehearsed and performed in small groups and much of our time will hopefully be together in-person. (Classes I-VI)

Nobles Theatre Collective
Students will gain experience as actors and learn about plays, playwriting, and collaboration. Exact programming / play(s) / project tbd but if you like working on plays, this program is for you! (Classes I-VI)

Tech Theatre
Students will learn basic woodworking and furniture building and build scenery for the musical. (Classes I-VI)


The NTC’s Spring Musical Theatre Revue (Upper school) 
Students will rehearse and perform in an outdoor musical theatre revue *by audition only

Student-Directed Play (Upper school)
Join director Vivian Tao as they zoom-stage two one-act plays!

The NTC’s Spring Technical Theatre Program (All grades)
Students will work to create sets, costumes, props, sound, and lighting for our outdoor musical theatre revue

The NTC’s Spring Middle School Production
For the first time in NTC history, middle school students will rehearse and perform a play outdoors

The NTC’s Spring Pit Band Program 
Middle and upper school musicians will rehearse and perform the instrumental parts for the musical theatre revue
*by audition only



The Art of the Poster: Communicating with Images and Text

Think about the coolest posters you’ve seen—they are often a compelling combination of images and words. They surprise, shock, or intrigue the viewer. Clever designs reflect great thinking!

Whether you are interested in sports logos, advertising, music, politics, literature, or propaganda, you will investigate and create visuals that creatively and clearly communicate your ideas. Using photography and text as the foundation for your projects you will become experts in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, effectively manipulating text and images creating sophisticated works of graphic design. You will be able to create work using source material from class assignments, personal projects, and a collaborative project with Artist in Resident Cecil McDonald jr. No experience required, classes I-IV welcome.

Design and Build

This afternoon program will concentrate on building objects (vases, birdhouses, teapots, etc). We will learn how to best use materials like clay, wood, cardboard, and plaster to design and construct both sculptural objects and useful vessels. We will work on improving your craftsmanship and creativity. No experience is necessary and the emphasis will be on fun and exploration. Classes I-IV welcome.

MS Afternoon Art

In MS Afternoon Art you will have the opportunity to use a variety of materials to create projects with a focus on playful experimentation. Projects using painting, drawing, cutting, and building will help you learn to use pattern, shape, and value to elevate your work.  With your own personal art kit, you will be able to create wherever you are. No experience is necessary and the emphasis will be on fun and exploration.


Lights, camera, fashion!
Explore creating sneaker ads, fashion magazine spreads, album covers, and everything in between. Learn studio photography with the goal of creating a Zine, Lookbook or Blog showcasing each individual’s curated styles of choice. No experience required. (Classes III, II, I)

The Handmade Photograph
Learn how to turn photographs on your phone into beautiful handmade prints! We will print digital negatives from your photographs to make cyanotypes, also known as sun prints or blue prints. These handmade photographs make great gifts, postcards and objects to share your memories. No experience required. (Classes VI, V, IV).





  • Cross Country
  • Field Hockey
  • Football
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Outdoor Adventure for classes IV, V & VI:OA members will participate in activities such as kayaking on the Charles River, hiking on campus (possibly off-campus as well), creating campus trail maps, planning a campus frisbee golf course, learning to tie knots, and practicing camping skills.

Click here to visit the athletics website.


GV Basketball (All upper school)
GJV Basketball (All upper school)
MS Girls Basketball (VI, V)
BV Basketball (All upper school)
BJV Basketball (All upper school)
MS Boys Basketball (VI, V)

GV Hockey (All upper school)
GJV Hockey (All upper school)
BV Hockey (All upper school)
BJV Hockey (All upper school)
MS Coed Hockey (VI, V)

Wrestling and Strength Conditioning (All upper school)
MS Coed Wrestling (VI, V)

BV Squash (All upper school)
BJV Squash (All upper school)
GV Squash (All upper school)
GJV Squash (All upper school)
MS Coed Squash (VI, V)

Winter Track (III, II, I)

Skiing (All upper school)

Strength—Virtual (All upper school)
Strength—Live (All upper school)
Strength—Crew (All upper school)

Click here to visit the athletics website.


BV Lacrosse (Upper school) *by tryout only for Class IV
BJV Lacrosse (Upper school)
MS Boys Lacrosse (VI, V)

GV Lacrosse (Upper school) *by tryout only for Class IV
GJV Lacrosse (Upper school)
MS Girls Lacrosse (VI, V)

BV Tennis (Upper school) *by tryout only for Class IV
BJV Tennis (Upper school)

GV Tennis
(Upper school) *by tryout only for Class IV
GJV Tennis (Upper school)

MS Coed Tennis (VI, V)

Track and Field (Upper school)

Boys Varsity Baseball (Upper school) *by tryout only for Class IV
Boys Junior Baseball (VI, V, IV)

Girls Varsity Softball (Upper school) *by tryout only for Class IV
Girls Junior Softball (VI, V, IV)

Boys Varsity Crew (Upper school) *by tryout only for Class IV
Boys JV Crew (Upper school)

Girls Varsity Crew (Upper school) *by tryout only for Class IV
Girls JV Crew (Upper school)

Middle School Learn to Row (VI, V)

Ultimate Frisbee (I, II, III)

Varsity Golf (Upper school) *by tryout only

Strength and Conditioning—virtual
Virtual S&C will include bodyweight strength training, metabolic conditioning, plyometrics, and prehab exercises. Participants will only need a small amount of space at their location. Participants must have their cameras on throughout the workout so coaches can provide feedback and ensure proper technique to avoid injury.

Strength and Conditioning—live

Live S&C will occur on campus and include weight training in the weight room. There will also be strength training, metabolic conditioning, plyometrics, and prehab exercises in spaces outside of the weight room that are located in the MAC.

Click here to visit the athletics website.



MS/IV Model UN (VI, V, IV)
Yearbook (Upper school)
Independent Project (I, II, III, V)
Class I Exempt (I)
Class II Exempt (II)


Independent Project (I, II, III, IV) *by application only – For Class V, see Mr. Geneus. For Classes III, II, I see Mr. Resor
Class I Exempt (Class I)
Class II Exempt (Class II)


Community Service

We say it all the time here: we want to promote “leadership for the public good.” We see it as our responsibility. One way we do that is by nurturing a culture of service. It helps our students be more aware, more empathetic, more engaged citizens of the world.

We challenge our students in unfamiliar settings at home and abroad. These uncomfortable but rewarding experiences teach humility, offer independence and test resilience. Here, students learn that they can make a positive difference in the world, one connection at a time.

And they end up enjoying themselves. More than 2/3 of Nobles students surpass the 80-hour service requirement by the time they graduate. We think that’s pretty awesome. Our students are smart, artistic and athletic. But, more importantly, they’re good people.

Community service is offered all three seasons.

To learn more about other opportunities offered in the EXCEL program, click here.

Adapting to the rigorous academic lifestyle at Nobles as well as the busy athletic schedule was not easy, but from the start every coach made it clear that they had my best interests in mind while pushing me to be my best as a person and athlete. I have learned an incredible amount from every coach I have had at Nobles, and I know that the relationships I have built with them will last a lifetime—that is something that makes Nobles Athletics so special.Katie Pyne ’21
One thing is clear about the Performing Arts Staff and it’s that they care—not just about the quality of our work, but also about the well-being of the students involved in the work. We are successful in our theatrical endeavors because everyone involved in the process, and everyone leading the process, cares about one another on a level that is rarely seen in high school theatre.Kam Bina ’21



Students involved in the annual musical production


Interscholastic teams offered


Average annual hours of community service through our afternoon program


Students and faculty who attend Nobles performances

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