Safety & Wellness

Safety & Wellness

Noble and Greenough School is dedicated to maintaining a safe environment and cultivating wellness for all community members, consistent with the community principles detailed in our mission.

The relational pedagogy that serves as the bedrock of life at Nobles provides opportunities each day to form mentoring relationships with advisors, counselors, teachers, coaches and more. The student counseling and health teamdean of diversity initiatives, psychology and counseling team, Health Office and members of the Academic Achievement Center all work together to ensure that each community member feels both included and supported.

Nobles maintains protocols to inform our response for both localized and campuswide emergencies, drilling our response to situations that require student participation. We work closely with local first responders (fire, police and ambulance) to ensure timely and efficient responses to emergency situations.

Nobles’ front desk (781-326-3700) serves as the first point of contact for issues of concern during school hours. Our security service (508-397-7294) assumes this role outside of school hours.

For information on 911-level emergencies, consult our emergency protocol.