Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Multiple identities and ways of thinking elevate Nobles and propel us forward. A true sense of belonging, respect, recognition, value and confidence in the support of leaders and peers helps us to do our best work and to grow personally and socially.

At Nobles, we work to create a diverse, inclusive and equitable community by:

  • Promoting constant growth and learning through sharing ideas and personal experiences.
  • Acknowledging the dignity of all of our members.
  • Respecting an array of opinions, appearance, lifestyles, beliefs and ways of thinking.
  • Teaching cultural competency skills to our students and to the adults who support them.
  • Supporting student-led organizations as well as programming for their parents and guardians.


Please watch the video above from Head of School Catherine J. Hall, Ph.D. and read an update on our work from this past summer and plans for this year. This report shares the themes we have been hearing and learning through the stories shared, as well as our short and long term plans, which will continue to deepen and evolve in the months and years ahead. Please click the button below to read this important document.

To truly listen takes patience, an authentic belief that you can learn from what the other person is saying, comfort in being uncomfortable, and a willingness to shift your perspective.Dr. Catherine J. Hall Head of School

Nobles offers opportunities for cross-cultural sharing and discovery on every level. Empowering and including diverse voices is essential to the excellence of our school, but also to preparing students to thrive beyond our campus. Our mission of inspiring leaders for the public good relies on courageous conversations and eye-opening experiences, and encouraging students to share those perspectives in their academic, professional and personal lives.