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Fall 2020 Planning

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Approach & Philosophy

Approach & Philosophy

At the core of a Nobles education is our unequaled academic program. We bring together teachers who are passionate about their subjects—and even more passionate about working with young people. Likewise, the students who choose Nobles are exceptional. They are academically talented, creative, hard-working and curious. They cultivate strong character and believe in service to others.

Relationships between students and faculty underpin the Nobles experience. Each student is surrounded by dozens of adults who know them well—who teach them in class and also coach them on the field, who serve as their advisor and also direct them on the stage. Our faculty members push students to be their best selves, supporting them when they struggle and cheering their many incredible successes.

We also care about wellness, diversity, equity and inclusion and being good citizens. This all adds up to a very special community, marked by honesty and respect—but also humor and a lot of fun.  We want everyone here to feel welcomed and included so we can focus on learning and making the world a little bit better.

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