Upper School Global & Cross-Cultural Immersion Programs

Upper School Global & Cross-Cultural Immersion Programs

*EXCEL domestic travel outside of Boston will resume in March of 2022.

Nobles offers many opportunities for cultural immersion, in communities near and far. When Nobles travels, we combine community service, language immersion and cultural exchange.

These trips are challenging. Students get to know the people of New Orleans, they see the flood lines and they help rebuild. They see the killing fields of Cambodia. They bring sunshine to children with life-threatening illnesses in Maine. They test their Mandarin in Beijing. They teach math to students in South Africa.

They also have fun. They go on safaris. They play cricket. They try new foods. (Fried spider, anyone?)

They find their passion. They find their cause. They find the difference they can make.

Check out some videos from past upper school trips.