Middle School Afternoon Program

Middle School Afternoon Program

At afternoon program, the Nobles experience expands to include the stage, the fields and the local community. Middle school students take part in three afternoon program seasons. Two of those are a physical activity, so that our youngest students learn early on to care about their health and wellness.

After the end of the academic day, usually at 2:45 p.m., the middle schoolers go to afternoon program. The length of time they spend at afternoon program depends on what they chose to do, naturally.

Afternoon program is another way that Nobles teaches students the importance of respect for self and others. We believe in teamwork and good sportsmanship. We cheer for our teammates, not against the opposing team.

Every year, our offerings include a middle school play. Students can learn to row or master the ceramics kiln. They can dance, if they want to. Or they can learn to rock climb on the face of the castle.

Sometimes students take part in athletics and activities beyond what Nobles offers. We understand that there may be opportunities here that we can’t offer, and are willing to work toward the best option for the student.