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Graduation 2020

Please join us in celebrating the Class of 2020. See the pictures, read the posts, and say congrats.

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Upper School

Upper School

Nobles’ upper school is all about the challenge and the risk. That’s how teens learn and grow—by challenging their limits and risking failure for greater reward. This happens on the assembly stage, on the classroom whiteboard, and in afternoon program.

At morning assembly, Nobles students begin their days with singing, dancing, educating and laughing. We begin as a community, setting the tone for another great day. As they head to the classroom, a rigorous course load prepares them for future success. And, in afternoon program, they expand their talents and abilities.

Throughout their time at school, Nobles students encounter caring mentors and unique opportunities. In this way, the upper school program prepares students for success long after they walk across the graduation stage.